Will Romney Provide Peace and Freedom for the Church?

These days I ran across a piece by some evangelical author who advocates that Christians vote for Romney, because under Romney the church would have better opportunities to spread the Gospel. “Romney will provide more peace and freedom for the Church than will Obama,” he said. “And from a Biblical standpoint, that is the ONLY thing I ask.”

He is talking, of course, about the same Romney whose healthcare plan in Massachusetts used the money of the residents of the Commonwealth to pay for abortions, in all cases. That some residents would object to paying for abortions using their own money, for religious reasons, was of no consequence; Romneycare forced all, Christians or not, to pay. To make sure that some later governor would have hard time changing the situation to something that doesn’t violate the conscience of the Christians in Massachusetts, Romney immediately appointed members of the Planned Parenthood Board of Directors to the oversight committee of Romneycare which effectively controls all the programs of the healthcare program, and has more authority over it than the legislature of Massachusetts itself.

That was two years after Romney’s alleged “pro-life conversion.”

He is talking also about the same Romney who while in office, after his “conversion” to conservatism, instituted the “right” to sodomite marriage and changed the official marriage licenses for the Commonwealth to read “Partner A” and “Partner B” instead of “Husband” and “Wife.” Then he forced state officials who disagreed to comply with the new law.

He is talking about the same Romney who created a vast state educational bureaucracy – while talking about “traditional family” – in the Commonwealth, and then put at the head of it Linda Mason, co-founder of Bright Horizons Family Solutions, a company which was accused of child abuse, but more important, has a 100% rating by the Human Rights Campaign. Such rating can be achieved only when the company is actively engaged in promoting sodomite lifestyle. (See the questionnaire here.) Apparently, Romney believed that the 100% rating by HRC (which Bain Capital has too) was important for someone who would control the education of the children in the Commonwealth, whether the parents agree with it or not.

We just saw these last couple of days Romney’s true intent to provide “peace and freedom” for the church. When asked about standing with Chick-Fil-A against the bullying by sodomite groups and Democrat politicians, Romney replied that it wasn’t part of his campaign. Apparently, the right of a Christian to publicly declare his faith is not something Romney believes is important to him as a President. Meanwhile, Romney had no problem getting involved in the similar issue with the Boy Scouts, and saying that “I feel that all people should be able to participate in the Boy Scouts regardless of their sexual orientation.”

So, when the freedom of a Christian to publicly state his beliefs needs to be protected, Romney shuns the issue as “not part” of his campaign. But when the demands of the anti-Christian perverts are addressed, he finds it necessary to make a public statement in support of them.

So, when we read statements like that, we need to ask the question: Which church exactly will see its peace and freedom protected under Romney?

The answer is: Only that church which limits its preaching and practice to issues of personal piety and church life, a church that willingly submits to the state in all other issues, and retreats from the culture. A church that is active in the cultural war, a church which preaches and practices a comprehensive Gospel, a church which proclaims the crown rights of Jesus Christ in every area of life will inevitably find a committed and consistent enemy in a Romney presidency, all in the name of “conservative values.” Those who can expect “peace and freedom” under Romney are the dualists in the church, who believe that Christianity only applies to their personal life, and not to the culture; or, to put it bluntly, those who are willing to sacrifice to idols in the public square every day of the week, while worshiping God only on Sunday morning in their sanctuaries, and in their prayer closets.

But the true church won’t be protected. Worse than that, under a Romney presidency, the true church would have against herself the whole political and bureaucratic machine, Republicans and Democrats alike; the Democrats because they hate the church anyway, and Republicans because they will support their president.

Which brings us to the conclusion that while a true Christian can not and must not vote for Obama, voting for Romney is certainly worse. Under a re-elected Obama, the church will at least have the Republicans on its side, if only because they will oppose a Democrat president (may be). The evangelical author is wrong at best, and self-deluded at worst, if he believes that an open idolater like Romney will miss his chance to harm the true church. He didn’t miss it in Massachusetts; he won’t miss it in Washington DC.

Thats why it is so important that Romney doesn’t win.

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