Why Islam Has No Justice

Many have heard the claim that Christians, Jews and Muslims, all serve the same God, we just have minor differences in very insignificant areas. Of course, this statement cannot be farther from the truth as both Jews and Muslims deny the deity of Christ and have a soteriology that is based upon human merit.

“But if it is by grace, it is no longer on the basis of works; otherwise grace would no longer be grace.” Romans 11:6

The very definition of grace is that it is separate from our works. When talking to the Muslim, this is the issue I mainly push; by grace, through faith. After talking many times to different Muslims, a group at the 2012 Superbowl, an older man at a local flea market and a younger man on the Internet, I’ve noticed the main problem that hinders them from even considering by grace; the nature of God.

You see, the god of Islam has wrath, anger, punishment and even has a form of love, but what this god completely lacks is justice. Without a proper understanding of what justice is, we will have a corrupt view of what forgiveness is. To the Muslim, justice and forgiveness really have nothing to do with each other. Allah can either forgive someone for their bad deeds, such as lying or stealing, or he can reward them and forgive them because of their good deeds, such as fasting, praying five times a day and helping the community. Although this appeals to the natural man as being just, similar to what some Jews believe concerning forgiveness, the god Allah has still let sin go unpunished. Muslims do not understand that in order to enter the kingdom of heaven, they must be spotless.

Let me give an example of how justice should be. 10 years ago a man had committed murder and was finally caught through substantial evidence. So he’s convicted, brought into court and proven guilty before the judge and jury. The man is given a minute for last words and he says this to the judge, “Judge, I am aware that I murdered someone, and that was wrong, but I’ve done so many good things in the past 10 years. Can’t you just forgive me and let me go?”

Obviously, the small part of God’s image that remains in us should cringe with such a request. How could a just judge let a murderer go simply because he did good things after his crime? Well, a just judge cannot do that, yet Allah is this kind of judge.

In Islam’s judicial system hands are cut off for stealing, homosexuals are stoned and murderers executed. Now, I support capital punishment, because that’s what God’s law demands, but my point is this; Allah commands Muslims to be just in their judicial system, yet Allah himself doesn’t have to be just. Allah can just wink at sin, overlook it and let it go unpunished.

Christians have a proper understanding of justice and forgiveness because our God can truly be just and the justifier.

“It was to show his righteousness at the present time, so that he might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus.” Romans 3:26

Justice and forgiveness collided on Jesus Christ. The purpose of the cross what not to set an example of sin, rather it was to take on the wrath of God for all of God’s people. The only way there can be forgiveness of sin is through death. All of the Old Testament sacrifices pointed towards Jesus Christ as the ultimate sacrifice for sinners. The perfect Christ took on His sheep’s sin and became a scapegoat to be sent outside the gate. See the difference?

Islam lacks in a proper view of God, which leads to an improper and damnable view of justice and forgiveness. If Islam really had so much in common with Biblical Judaism (Mosaic covenant) and Biblical Christianity, then Allah would punish sin, not let it reign.

However, I must make this point; Islam is a step in a direction that Christians should take. Muslims understand the blessing of Biblical laws like capital punishment, while on the other hand we approve of our government stealing from the workers in order to give criminals three hot meals a day, recreation, education and a place to sleep. Islam gets rid of homosexuals from among their people, while we tolerate it in ours and give them a podium to speak against Christ and His law.

Look, what I am not saying is to take justice into your own hands, that is un-biblical. Yet, I am pointing us towards a future where we can give Christ the government that He commands us to have; one that brings about God’s wrath. We must begin implementing a Christian worldview, one that is long term, not short term.

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