When They Come for the Smaller Groups. . . .

waco-gore2First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Martin Niemöller’s words delivered a painful sting to his fellow pastors in postwar Germany. These words clearly spoke the truth: the guilt for the desolation of Germany lied on their shoulders. From the very beginning of the Nazi movement, the pastors were silent, or complicit, or even openly collaborating with it. Very few of them stood up to the Nazis. If more did, Germany could have been spared the desolation.

What is often missed is that in this confession of his sin of silence in the face of injustice, Niemöller also indirectly described the tactics of the Nazi regime; in fact, not just of the Nazi regime, but of any totalitarian regime. And that tactics was clear:

The government never has the resources and the manpower to terrorize the whole society. State terrorism, therefore, is done by separating and marginalizing social groups: first smaller groups, then larger groups, until each group is subdued.

This is the old Roman principle of divide et impera: divide your enemies so that neither of them associate with the others. Thus, none of them will come to each other’s aid. Then your hand is free to conquer them one by one.

The Nazis, obviously, used the principle successfully. One by one, different groups were marginalized and demonized in the public opinion, until it was clear no one would come to their defense, because “we are not them.” Jews. Socialists. Trade Unions. Military personnel. Gypsies. Mentally ill people. Roman Catholic Priests. Protestant pastors. Step by step, the general population was divided in groups and subjugated through repressions and terror. By the time many people realized the murderous nature of the Nazi regime, no one was in a position to unite the remaining groups in opposition to the government.

The Soviet Communists did the same. They also started with a broad appeal to all the “classes,” marginalizing and demonizing only small groups. The “capitalists.” Then the priests. Then the “intellectuals.” Then the rival leftist parties, like the Mensheviks. Then certain ethnic groups were demonized: Ukrainians, Georgians, Chechens, the German Anabaptist rural communities along the Volga River. Then the kulaks (the wealthy Cossack peasants of Ukraine and South Russia) were singled out and exterminated. Then the category of “kulak” was expanded to include the not-so-wealthy peasants – until whole regions in Ukraine were starved to death (the Holodomor), while the rest of the country watched passively. Then came the military elite.

World War II put a temporary stop to it. But it also created a new class of men who were trained to fight and suppress their fear – the veterans. So the NKVD started targeting veterans even before the war ended. (Solzhenitsyn was taken from his artillery unit in February 1945, three months before the end of the war.) Thousands of veterans went to the GULags straight from the front lines, not even having the chance to see their families again. It was Solzhenitsyn who later realized that if the people didn’t remain passive but united to shoot at government agents when they came to do arrests, millions of lives would have been spared.

The Chinese Communists did the same with their minorities. In the Cambodia of the Khmer Rouge, people with glasses were singled out as enemies and shot or worked to death. I still remember the way the Bulgarian Communist government treated the ethnic Turkish minority in Bulgaria in the 1980s. (I was born and grew up in a predominantly Turkish part of my town, so I knew the truth about the Turkish minority, and I knew the propaganda was lies.)

Everywhere, totalitarian governments do the same: one group after another, singled out, marginalized, demonized, and then safely destroyed or brutalized. And the rest of the population remains silent. Why? Because “I am not a Jew, or a Ukrainian, or a Menshevik, or a kulak, or a person with glasses.”

The massacre in Waco of a few days ago bears all the marks of this tactics. A group is picked so small and marginal that most people won’t associate with them. The group is then marginalized and demonized, and all kinds of false accusations are said about them – violence, illegal drugs, illegal weapons, etc. Then, when the group is so marginalized that the majority of the population won’t trust them, and won’t take their word for anything, the government ambushes them and guns them down. The group is scared and subdued. The police are trained and conditioned to not question orders – they will need that conditioning for later, when the “enemy” is moms, or old people, or kids.

And the public? The public is conditioned to disengage. “I didn’t say anything because I was not a biker.”

It was that same Waco that saw an earlier version of the same tactics, with the Branch Davidians. Everyone disengaged, because no one was a Branch Davidian, and the government was able to demonize the small sect enough to cover its own crimes. If the people of Waco were awake to what was happening, and if they had a Solzhenitsyn to tell them what to do, the whole town would be there shooting at those FBI and ATF murderers. But when the government comes for the smaller groups, most people prefer to remain silent.

The same tactics has been going on for decades with the inner city black kids: another politically powerless, marginalized and demonized group. The cops know these black kids are just as easy prey as the white bikers: the group is just as demonized, and therefore can’t count on any public sympathy. “You know, young black males are the majority of the prison population.” Of course they are, given that the actions of the police almost never undergo any scrutiny, and that planting marijuana on a “suspect” is a regular practice for police. And, not to forget, the prisons are private and the prison-industrial complex makes money on every inmate. Could it be that the majority of young black males in prison are there on trumped-up charges? What resort do they have against police lies? How many people in the general population will take the word of an inner city young black male over the word of a cop?

In this Waco Massacre we can also see the future groups that will be targeted.

Veterans, for example. One media report mentioned that “many of the members of these motorcycle gangs [sic] are battle-trained veterans.” Stalin’s police feared the veterans, remember. American police seem to fear them too. (From personal experience, mentioning you are a former military only gets you more abuse from the cops. Cops hate veterans, for understandable reasons.)

Gun owners too. The Waco PD spokesman Patrick Swanton, after being caught lying that the fight started inside the restaurant, remained undisturbed and continued with his propaganda narrative: “The weapons found inside the restaurant prove violent intent.” Who believes that “weapons prove violent intent”? Gun control advocates, of course. Swanton is repeating the gun-control propaganda sales pitch. Why? Well, gun owners need to be marginalized and demonized too, and what better occasion than a bloody massacre? (Could it be that the presence of police with automatic weapons pointed at the public also proves criminal intent?)

The pattern is clear: Since the American public is too large an elephant to eat, it must be subdued in small bites: black inner city kids, bikers, off-the-gridders, Christian activists, gun-owners, etc. Every time, the group must be small enough and marginalized enough so that the general population find it easy and safe to disengage.

And the tactics is successful. Even with those people who are otherwise anti-statist. In a conversation, I asked a friend of mine the following questions:

Here’s my Eastern European question to you:

If tomorrow the politicians in DC decide to ship you and your family to the concentration camps, which one of the following people is most likely to be the one loading you on the train?
1) a biker;

2) a DC politician;

3) a local cop.

The question is very important, and you should have an answer. A denial in the form of it-can’t-happen-here is not an answer. And your answer will show how much you understand reality.

And, the other question is: If you decide that enough is enough and decide to resist the government, which one of the people above will be the first to join you?

The questions didn’t register with him. And he believes he is “anti-statist.” Government propaganda works.

As to me, I have enough experience to know: When the government comes for the smaller groups, it’s clearing its access to you. If you support the government – or even if you remain silent and passive, because you are not a biker, or a young black male, or a Branch Davidian, etc., you are digging your own grave.

When they come for you, others will remain silent and passive because they are not you. There will be no one to speak out for you. And yes, it can happen here.


  • Osvaldo Valdes

    Is sad but it’s the truth, I hope the police, the soldiers , etc. will soon realize what’s going on with the government and take partu with. The people, so the people can join them and fight together against all that is against our Constitution

  • I’m reasonably solid on the principles, that is on the theory, but not enough to know what exact practical things I can be doing now to change culture for the better.

    Should I go preach to my local police department? Tell all my friends the importance of involvement in local government?

    You should recommend books for further study, or specific actions to take.

    • It starts with being aware and making other people aware of the problem. So, yes, preaching in any kind and form is a good start.

      As to practical steps beyond that, it will be for each person to discover for their particular skills, situation, etc.

      Joel McDurmon’s Restoring America is a good start.

      • It just seems like there is more that can be done than just trying to help other people understand. Maybe Joel’s book will talk about it, I’ve been meaning to read it. Thanks.

        • It just seems like there is more that can be done than just trying to help other people understand.

          such as?

    • There are a lot of books that talk of the issues and tactics. I believe that recognition of the tactics is only helpful if you are able to get others around you to consider the problem. The “Divide” part of the “Divide and Conquer” strategy can be approached by getting to know your neighbors, again, and developing a “Community” atmosphere. Unfortunately, those orchestrating this are not naive and understand their strategy. We are the last bastion of Freedom remaining on the Planet and I am not sure how true that may be. The key is our Constitution but if we do not start chosing people that will defend and follow it in the Highest places the next best thing we can do is be prepared for the huge fall out that is coming. Local politics, though not all that exciting, will be the best place to start because the vast majority of “We the People” do NOT have a microphone large enough to make a “splash”. The Talk Radio people do but they “moderate and troll the margins” in hope of not drawing too much attention to themselves. Semper Fi!

    • Buy a semi-automatic rifle in 5.56 caliber. Buy 2000 rounds of ammunition and find a combat veteran to help you shoot 500 of those rounds in different scenarios.
      Buy and store 6 months (min) of food along with medicines, 1st aid supplies, and barter items.
      Convert some of your Feral Reserve Notes into gold or silver or both depending on your financial status.
      Having done the above, you are now a member or auxiliary member (if aged) of the Unorganized Militia, and a bulwark of Liberty.
      Specific enough? Action, not pondering, time is shorter, not longer……….until you will be on the line, somewhere.

    • Target Focus Training

      Detroit’s VIP security firms



      There’s all kinds of stuff and content for survivalists and other off grid people.

    • That is actually my advice to others. Reject the lies and manipulations and teach yourself the truth. Share that knowledge. Information is power. Because we live in a media centered world I suggest 2 documentaries. The Secret of Oz and Apologies of an Economic Hit Man. These videos are bipartisan in every way. It should cross the lines of every division they implement. I also suggest others to read 1 simple Swiss scientific study that was peer reviewed and published in 2011 titled The Network of Global Corporate Control. This study used mathematical equations and charts to actually expose The Den of Vipers and Thieves and call them by name and affiliation. This is our best bet at survival of the coming restoration to The Rule of Law.

  • These sentiments have been weighing heavy on our family for some time. However, most of the population thinks we’re insane and the ones that don’t are often fearful of the repercussions of standing up.
    We appear to be at a point of no return. God has taken his hand from us, as our nation spits in his face. Our corporate sin as a nation has filled our cup of iniquity to the point that the Lord’s righteous anger has been kindled and judgement is upon us. I pray we weather the storm bravely and honor His name, regardless of the consequences.

    • More truer words could not have been said. All the guns in the world will not help us. I fear His wrath. I wasn’t a strong believer until my eyes were opened to what is happening all around us. Pray to Lord to open your eyes and for understanding. Repent, pray and except the LORD as your saver!! That is the only true way to save yourself.

  • Thomas Crowley

    It is so easy to preach about the need for people to be engaged to fight the good fight. Nowhere do they tell us where to go. Most of us who keep up with the news will never hear of these types of goings on even if they happen in our on towns and cities. I think we need to purchase scanners and have other ways of keeping up with the national news, if we can find them.

  • Is the author suggesting the Police massacred the Bikers in Waco?

    I must have missed that.

    • Carl Stevenson

      There are reports that all of the dead and wounded were killed by the police.
      Mostly head shots and chest shots.
      Sounds about right for a bunch of SWAT snipers in good positions.
      What do you think?

      • The pictures showed victims lying right next to motorcycles, as if they were trying to leave, not to shoot. Also, they were spread all over the place, not in one place as it would be if it was a brawl. So, yes, I think that was a planned massacre by the cops.

    • patricia robinsin

      That was not a suggestion. Facts are stated and you came to that conclusion. One fact is all the innocent witnesses are locked up. The true story has not been told. I believe it was a planned massacre and they couldn’t kill as many as they had planned because no one was shooting back.

  • I understand the concept and current and historical aspects of tactics but I have to ask ==

    * Prepared to associate with adherents of Nation of Islam?
    * Ready to work with the Crips?
    * Lick stamps for Aryan Nation?

    I would suggest to you that most are not and for good reason.

  • We seem to be incapable of learning form the past. When a particular political government want’s to take over they follow the old Roman way’s. Got to hand it to them they knew how to conquer the world and few have learned how to defeat them. “Two things only the people anxiously desire — bread and circuses.” The government kept the Roman populace happy by distributing free food and staging huge spectacles. Times haven changed much. Now it’s fast cheap food and selfies and X box.People are becoming so self absorbed not seeing or caring what is happening all around them
    This time around WW I and WW II; I think will look like a minor skirmish. Who will the politicians have to rule when they crawl out of there bunkers and find everything gone ???

  • Except this time there not false accusations. They proudly proclaim there criminal natures. There is no grey area here. And there is just as many reports saying the bikers shot first.
    How you get police massacre out of this is only possible when pushing a agenda. If 22 cops opened up indiscriminately at point blank range with ar-15s there would be a lot more dead.

    • Damn you are stupid

    • They did not open up indiscriminately…they are trained snipers that took head and upper body shots and then sprayed the area with multiple rounds. Fortunately, the bikers ran for their lives, took cover and were either on the ground or inside Twin Peaks. If the bikers were all armed and shooting at the police how come not ever one was hit. I know quite a few that were there and even a few that are currently in jail….

    • Yet no spent shell casings were found around the bikers bodies.

  • David you must have only read one account of the situation… and it seems to me that if they weren’t massacred that there would be dead cops… a sign that an actual battle took place. and why were the police there anyway? waiting for trouble to be caused by a group of ‘criminals’ at a bar? they call that entrapment i think.

  • Those bikers were ex military and all had concealed carry permits, they were there for a sanctioned meeting between clubs to discuss varying subjects and the police came out in force. With all that shooting isn’t it funny that only bikers were shot, not a single bystander or police officer? And most of those shots were head shots from snipers. Do you really think combat vets couldn’t have shot someone if they were wanting to? They were just trying to get away, and all those in jail on million dollar bond have no warrents.

  • Dear Mr. Bojidar

    Good article. As someone who grew up in the former USSR, I can confirm the validity of your claims of totalitarians’s tactics of divide and conquer. Throughout the whole history of the USSR, Marxists kept putting the “brotherly republics” against each other to keep them in submission to CPSU. It is no coincidence that so many regional wars started right after the breakdown.

    One minor clarification though, don’t take it personally, as very few outside former USSR (and even inside), are familiar with it, and great troubles have been taken to ‘forget’ it in the West, and I doubt Martin himself realized fully what was going on:
    First they came for the Socialists….

    Martin’s statement referred mainly to the specific denomination of the religion of Socialism – Communists. (As you may recall, Nazis, National Socialist Workers Party, were/are also socialists). The purge was colossal. But ironically it had been made possible by the leader of the Communist World at the time – Joseph Stalin. Stalin secretly handed lists of the local communists to the Nazis knowing fully well what would happen to them.

    One can speculate of the reasons for his decisions. Two of the most voiced ones have been.
    – he got rid of the German communists who were not willing to submit to Russian Communists leadership. (recall how Moscow always was the director of all the “brotherly nations” both inside and outside the former USSR.)
    – he wanted to be a hero in Communists eyes, when he “liberated” them from Nazis.

    Anyway, that doesn’t change the nature of your post.

    • Yes, you are right about the German Socialists/Communists. And its turn will come, in another article, for we see the same Stalinist tactics used by our own government in certain situations.

  • That would be ” an agenda” …..at least be articulate if you pretend to be smart.

  • Here it is, September 2015… Just joined facebook a couple of weeks ago… First time I heard about Waco, Tx. massacre?
    Wow…need to get caught up! :S

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