We Told You So

Where there is no prophetic vision, the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the Law (Proverbs 29:18).

Do not quench the Spirit; do not despise prophetic utterances. But examine everything; hold fast to that which is good; abstain from every form of evil (1 Tim. 5:19-22).

It is a common misconception among both charismatics and non-charismatics that prophetic utterances and vision have something to do with trance, ecstasy, and supernatural obsession of a person the Spirit or by spirits, or may be an occult obsession, if you are on the non-charismatic side of the debate.

It’s all wrong. Prophetic word, or prophetic vision, is very simple to explain. It always falls within one of two categories:

1) “You’ll get what you deserve”; and then,

2) “I told you so.”

When these two are lacking from a church or a culture, the church or the culture cast off restraint, and everyone does what is right in their own eyes. The pastors of the church mislead the flock and abuse their authority and lead the sheep to the wolves. And those who say “You’ll get what you deserve” and “I told you so” are rejected and ridiculed and ostracized as “unmerciful” and “proud” and “arrogant” and whatnot.

The early Puritans knew this. They prophesied, and they did not despise prophetic utterances. Kings and barons and bishops trembled at the sound of their prophesies, and the church didn’t compromise, and no one cast off restraint. That’s why we have America and the West today: because of those prophecies.

But that was before the Enlightenment explained to the church that the supernatural is out of vogue and that an enlightened person doesn’t care for prophecies. What it meant was, “We don’t want to hear about God’s sanctions on our moral actions, and we don’t want to be reminded that we are under judgment.” And the church obliged.

A few of us tried to tell the church that God is against Christians voting for a socialist, or a serial adulterer, or a Satanist. We tried to convince the Christians that the only person who deserved their vote was the one who openly professed his faith in Christ, and had a Biblical view of government, and an unbroken record of righteous, honest behavior in his political career. We argued, admonished, pleaded. Against us were the shepherds of the church: pastors, seminary professors, theologians, book authors. They did not want the Christian, they wanted the Satanist. They said that we better vote for the Satanist, for he has a better chance of defeating the Socialist. We replied, and proved, and explained, that a vote for a Satanist won’t be blessed by God, and that they will get the Socialist again, in addition to an unclean conscience.

We said, “You’ll get what you deserve: Defeat.”

We weren’t heeded.

Now it’s time for the second part of the prophetic vision: “We told you so.”

What the neocon pundits expected and hoped for – that Obama would lose a big part of his constituency – came true. Obama lost 10 million votes of his constituency compared to 2008 – a whooping 17% of his 2008 vote. Jimmy Carter lost less, proportionally: 5 million out of 40 million, or 12.5%. Indeed, Obama wasn’t the most vulnerable incumbent in history. George H. W. Bush did worse than Obama between 1988 and 1992: an 18 % loss. Nothing can compare, of course, to the abject failure Rick Santorum was when he lost over one-third of his voters in Pennsylvania between the 2000 and the 2006 elections for the US Senate.

Still, 17% is a very significant loss. All things being equal, it should have easily secured the victory for the Republican candidate. Which makes it so humiliating for Romney and the GOP establishment that they couldn’t win against such a vulnerable incumbent.

It gets even more humiliating when we realize that Obama actually may have less votes this election that McCain had in 2008! The last results are coming in as I am writing this article, and he is still half million below McCain’s popular vote back then. It may change, of course, and he may have more than McCain, but it won’t be by much – 100,000 at the most. So much has been written about the reasons for McCain’s loss, his lack of vision, lack of charisma, his fake conservatism, etc. Well, as low quality a candidate McCain was, he could have beaten Obama this election. What kind of a sore loser Romney must be – and the establishment which nominated him by cheating and twisting arms and breaking all moral and procedural rules that could be broken – to not be able to succeed where even McCain could have succeeded! To McCain, the uninspiring moderate, Romney lost by over 2 million votes.

Who are these 2 million votes? They are part of the Ron Paul Revolution. There are more, and the GOP could have easily won with them. They warned the GOP, “We are not voting for Romney, and you will lose without us, no matter how unpopular Obama gets.” You’ll get what you deserve.

Time for a prophetic word: WE TOLD YOU SO.

The bad news for the church is that its leaders – or should I say, its celebrities – all joined the losing side, and for the wrong reason. One after another, they endorsed the Satanist for president of the United States, just because he has R behind his name. Franklin Graham, who in the past swore he won’t move his finger to build a Christian culture, did everything he could – and his father helped him too – to help the Satanist. Michael Farris wouldn’t endorse Ron Paul because he “wasn’t Christian enough” for him, but the first thing he did after Romney’s nomination was to pay a sycophantic visit to Romney in his campaign bus, and gleefully post a picture of himself with the future Republican abject failure of a candidate. Gary Bauer and Tony Perkins, never hesitant to whip their followers into service of the Republican establishment, worked industriously for the man who gave the world the first official sodomite marriage certificates and America the first socialized medicare which pays for abortions on demand. Gary DeMar who in the past told us in his books that we need to elect candidates based on their righteous behavior, nevertheless endorsed the habitual liar and cronyist Romney and called those who disagreed with him “idiots” (which would include some of his closest friends and associates). Not to mention many others. In short, this election revealed that the highest levels of leadership of the American church are able and quick to switch to idolatry at the first call of their political masters.

They all justified their position by resorting to dualism: “When I vote, I don’t vote to get to heaven.” Or, “I am not electing a Pastor-in-Chief.” This reasoning came directly from the Enlightenment, from the pen of Montesquieu:

We ought not to decide by divine laws what should be decided by human laws; nor determine by human what should be determined by divine laws.

In other words, we don’t have church leaders anymore. We have Enlightenment thinkers disguised as church leaders.

They lost the political fight. And they lost their integrity and purity of conscience. We told them so.

But that loss is the good news about the church. The sheep this time did not unconditionally obey the call of the evil shepherds. The enormous evangelical voting bloc was split, and it did not go mindlessly to the booth to give Romney the victory. The GOP political elite is powerless to manipulate the conservative voters to help its agenda. And the church elite is powerless to whip the Christian voting bloc into submission. A large number of ordinary Christians – and some pastors too – heard the prophetic warning, and obeyed God. There is hope.

But this is also the time for a new prophetic word: Get rid of those leaders who in this last election proved to be idolaters and wolves in sheep’s clothing. Don’t play nice and polite, for God is not playing nice and polite. The judgment starts with the House of God.

Otherwise, you’ll get what you deserve: more of them.

And you will hear one day: We told you so.

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