The French Socialists Follow in the Footsteps of Romney

The French socialists are getting ready to pass a law to ban the words “father” and “mother” from official documents. The children, I suppose, will have to learn from an early age that they have “Parent One” and “Parent Two.” Given the fact that in French “one” has a masculine and a feminine form – un and une – it would be tricky to see how that one is going to get banned. Perhaps the official documents will use “First Parent” and “Second Parent.” No, that one won’t work either: “first” and “second” also have gender forms in French. I suspect, though, the French socialists have a solution, and we will shortly see where they can find that solution.

All the conservative news outlets and pundits seem to be very upset about it. I heard a few say, “See, this is coming to America, if we do not elect Mitt Romney.”

But is Romney the solution?

France, of course, is not the first political entity in the world to ban the words “father” and “mother” from official documents. Eight years before the French socialists thought of making that révérence to those voters who have nothing else to identify themselves by except by their perverse sexual lusts, the governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts did the same. The year was 2004, and the governor was Mitt Romney.

The neocon establishment, eager to sell Romney to the “far right nuts,” as Murdoch calls the conservative Christians, the largest voting bloc in the Republican Party, created the myth that Romney had no choice in the heavily liberal and Democrat state of Massachusetts but to sign the “law,” being forced by the legislature and by the Supreme Court.

The problem is: There was no such law. And the Court’s decision was unconstitutional. The legislature of Massachusetts opposed the Court’s decision, and even to this day all the official legislative statutes in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts still continue to define marriage as male and female. Since 2004, no legislature has voted such a “law.” In 2004, the legislature opposed the decision of the State Supreme Court by pointing out that according to the Constitution of the Commonwealth the marriage is an area reserved to the legislature to define, not to the courts. Since 2004, the Constitution hasn’t been changed, and no law has been passed to support the change in the official documents, not to re-define marriage. Yes, the “most-heavily Democrat state” still continues to legally define marriage as male-female, at least as far as constitutional laws are concerned.

And the State Supreme Court never ordered the governor to do anything. The liberal Attorney General of Massachusetts at the time, Thomas Reilly, commented that the Court’s decision doesn’t require the state to issue marriage licenses to sodomites. Other liberals – including a former governor of the state – also said that unless the legislature codifies the decision, sodomite marriage is still illegal in Massachusetts.

What happened then?

Romney forced it on the state through executive decree. Yes, exactly what conservatives are afraid that Obama would do if he is re-elected, Romney did it to Massachusetts. He ordered his administration to prepare the new marriage licenses, where “husband” and “wife” are replaced with “Partner A” and “Partner B,” and at the bottom, have boxes for gender for each partner, allowing the “partners” to be both male or both female. Local Town Clerks were forced to use the new forms.

No other political entity in the world had done such a thing before, not even the heavily Democrat California. The pioneer, the father of government-imposed and licensed sodomite “marriage” is no other but Mitt Romney himself.

More than just that, according to the recently published book by Amy Contrada, Mitt Romney’s Deception, Romney was actively involved in promoting sodomite life-style in the schools, from official events like “gay-proms” to publishing school books that praise sodomy, with graphic details. The man was on a crusade for legalizing and main-streaming sodomy way before the French thought of it.

Add to this the advice by Rupert Murdoch these days that Romney should officially offer his support for sodomite families. But what about the Christian conservatives, who are expected to vote for Romney? Don’t worry about them, Murdoch said. They are stuck with Romney, they have nowhere else to go.

But, of course, FOX News is still telling its viewers that Obama is dangerous because he would force sodomite marriage on America, like the French socialists are trying to do. They forget to add: And like Romney did to Massachusetts.

France at least has the Roman Catholic Church which is fighting against the proposal, and has organized public prayers against the socialists in power. What would the American evangelicals do?

Like Murdoch said, they are stuck with Romney.

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