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Douglas Wilson: Tossing the Victims Under the Bus, “Biblically”


I couldn’t predict this would happen some day, but there it is: I sincerely wish Douglas Wilson had plagiarized more than he already has. Specifically, I wish he had plagiarized my article on “Brown, Garner, and the Application of Biblical Law to Homicide and Murder.” Without quotes. Without mentioning my name. Just like usual. I wouldn’t object. I wouldn’t even […]

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It’s Time to Start Teaching Our Kids Disrespect To “Authority”


God certainly has a sense of humor. Or, rather, irony. Or, even more precise, devastating sarcasm for those who eagerly devote themselves to serve idols. That’s what He did with the Old Testament Israel. “You think worshipping idols is better than worshipping Me? Alrighty, then, I’ll put you under the political and economic power of these idols to see how […]

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If You Thought Conservative Logic Made More Sense Than Liberal Logic


Remember this cartoon? It’s only a year and a half old. It was published on a conservative web-site, and re-published on Facebook and re-tweeted probably millions of times. Those stupid liberals, they are such hypocrites: question authority, then don’t question authority. Yeah, those were the days, my friends, when conservatives were all about questioning authority. Obamacare was passed, and the […]

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When Preachers Sell Their Souls to Caesar


Browsing the Internet last week, I saw close to a hundred articles written by preachers, pastors, and churchian celebrities, condemning the Ferguson protests. Who knows how many more preachers used their Sunday morning hour to do the same. That’s what any preacher in America just loves to do: Verbally crack down on impersonal, private, powerless targets who have shown some […]

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Ferguson: Capitalizing on the Stupidity of the Conservative Voter


If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive. Alinsky’s Rule #10 American conservatives never really learn. They study their own past defeats and mistakes, they analyze them, they discover the ingenious and devious ways in which their enemies have worked below the radar while laying smoke screens for the public, and they write […]

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