Sacrificing the Sovereignty of Grace on the Altar of Political Expediency

Ask a Reformed theologian: “Which is greater, God’s grace or man’s depravity?” If he is a true Reformed theologian, he will reply: “God’s grace, of course.” That’s why all modern Reformed and neo-Reformed – especially the neo-Reformed – speak of the Sovereignty of Grace. The very term presupposes that grace trumps all man’s sin and depravity. Indeed, when we go […]

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Is the Ron Paul Revolution Dead?

A technologically important corollary of the Third Law of Motion is that a force can be measured by measuring the opposite force which balances the action of the first force. A practical application of that corollary is that most of our modern meters, indicators, or censors actually directly measure not action, but reaction. For example, all scales measure counterweights instead […]

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Don’t Worry About Obama’s Nationalization Rhetoric, Worry About Republican Betrayal

When Gary DeMar published his article defending voting for the Mormon Romney, “Some Think Another Obama Term Would Be Good for America,” I was quite disappointed. It was obvious that he misrepresented his “conservative/libertarian/anti-establishment” opponents. None of us has ever said that “another Obama term would be good for America.” The issue has always been comparing Romney and Obama, not […]

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