Sweden Cracks Down on Dangerous Smuggling Activities

This last month, Swedish authorities demonstrated to the world their determination to fight vicious criminal activities of smuggling dangerous controlled substances in the country. Prosecutor Thomas Ahlstrand issued international arrest warrant for two Britons who have been involved in organizing a criminal ring for smuggling the substance into Sweden through Norway, skillfully using the policy of open borders between Norway and Sweden.

The dangerous substance is not banned in Sweden, but it is subject to some import duties, which the suspects were able to evade paying, thus making millions of dollars off the back of the Swedish state.

The price of the substance is not mentioned, but we know it must be expensive, for the import duties that were evaded amounted to $11,000 per kilogram of the substance, or $5,000 per pound. According to our research, Sweden levies a 9% duty on the import price of the substance. This will make the import price of the product $123,000 per kilogram, or $56,000 per pound.

To bring the numbers down to earth, this is about $3,800 per troy ounce of the substance, more than two times more expensive than gold.

What is that substance, the readers may be asking?

Product for a few million dollars


No way!


On January 9, European newspapers published an official announcement by the Swedish authorities that two Britons have evaded paying $13 million in taxes for smuggling 1.2 tonnes of garlic into Sweden. One tonne is 1,000 (a thousand) kilograms. Do the math yourself.

And don’t forget, it is an official statement. And was published by all the newspapers. No one did the math.

A Chinese millionaire


The Swedish government is run by hopeless idiots.

The newspapers in Europe are run by hopeless idiots.

The whole European Union is run by hopeless idiots.

Socialism attracts to power nothing better than hopeless idiots.

It will fail, eventually, for no system survives when run by hopeless idiots.

The only reason it still survives is because the churches in Europe have nothing better to offer.

Which is the same reason socialism is still alive and well here in the US.

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