You Shall Know Them by Their Silence

aatx-logoFour years ago, Paul Graham tweeted, “Uber is so obviously a good thing that you can measure how corrupt cities are by how hard they try to suppress it.”

If I am to use Graham’s format, I should tweet today, “The victory of AATX at the Republican Convention of Texas is so obviously a good and righteous thing that you can measure how evil and corrupt pastors, churchian celebrities, churches, ministries, media, and allegedly ‘Christian’ gangs of lawyers are by how hard they try to keep silent about it.”

I didn’t participate. But I know many of the people who worked hard to get this through. There isn’t a single popular celebrity among these people. These are all humble folks, from the suburbs and small towns of Texas. In themselves, they have no political influence, no media presence, and no economic benefits to hand out. They themselves make no profit from working hard to push the resolution for abolishing abortion in Texas. Few had any political experience whatsoever; for most, this convention was the first ever.

It was a grass-roots movement, in the classical sense of the word; scratch that . . . in the classical American and Texan sense of the word, where people don’t wait for their politicians to deliver on their promises, but organize and do it themselves. They planned and strategized for it, they worked for it, they were there early in the morning, ready and willing to fight for their convictions.

And there it is, for the first time after 1973.

What 20 years ago was the wisdom of lonely voices in the wilderness – like the Constitutional scholar Herb Titus – what just a year ago was a marginal and maligned view, is now a mainstream political platform. And there was not a single celebrity figure or ministry to make it happen. The mainstream political opinion of Texas now says: Ignore Roe v. Wade. Ignore the Federal government and Federal courts. Restore justice. End abortion in Texas. Period.

It’s a landmark. It’s not final. There will be battles ahead – mainly against the corrupt Republican leadership of Texas. There will be fire; although, I don’t know who the establishment will fire against, given that there are no celebrity leaders and top figures in the movement. Either way, it is a victory, and it is the first of its kind. And it creates a precious momentum.

It’s a victory for some. But it is also an embarrassment for others. An embarrassment for “conservative” politicians who have used and abused the “pro-life” label for decades, making it into an empty fund-raising slogan. And an embarrassment for celebrity church leaders and ministries and gangs of Beltway lawyers who have wasted billions of dollars in donations, busy recruiting voters for those politicians, but never really doing anything to stop abortion. Yes, especially for those celebrity pastors and ministries.

So don’t expect them to mention it. It exposes them as frauds. And it gets in the way of their own political agendas. It is so obviously a good thing that they can’t say anything against it. But it is so obviously a verdict on their own corruption that they can’t afford to say anything for it either.

It is so obviously a good thing that you can measure their corruption by how hard they try to remain silent about it.

You shall know them by their silence.


  • I could not agree more!

  • Long live Tx … from Neb. Thanks Bo.

  • This is the kind of grassroot movement needed in every aspect of life.

  • It’s no coincedence that the “birthplace” of legalizing abortion is the same place this battle is being waged now. I pray for the state legislators to remove the black mark the supreme court allowed to happen in 1973 and replace it with some good old fashioned southern bible belt justice. Redemption for 60,000,000 murdered babies is at hand!

  • #endabortionnow

  • Blood has to be shed in America for the almost 60 million slain babies (about 3000 a day). God will not pardon the land, if vengeance has not been executed. That means about 3000 or 6000 (including both the doctor and the mother who committed the premeditated infanticide) have to be executed every day.

    Otherwise say goodbye to America the land of the slain and innocent blood crying from the earth.

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