A Scare a Week Keeps the Populace Meek

Be_AfraidFirst there were the nine thousand Central American children who were being smuggled through the border. Nine thousand, enough to make the American economy collapse. Then they were fifteen thousand, or may be forty thousand. Then they were not children but grown up teenagers, all tattooed members of Mexican gangs. Then they were 100,000 Mexican gang members being shipped into the United States. No one stopped to think, of course, that 100,000 is half the gang population of all of Mexico, and that there was very little strategic value for the Mexican gangs in moving such a large number of gang members from one country to another. Not to mention the fact that like all gangs, Mexican gangs do not work as a consolidated whole but are actually at war against each other.

Then, of course, the children were part of Obama’s plan of subverting American politics through illegal immigration. No one stopped to think that Obama doesn’t need illegal immigration, that the current immigration law which the conservatives so deeply love – which is the brainchild of Ted Kennedy and the trade unions – gives all immigration decisions to the Federal government, and that the Federal government can transform an illegal immigrant into a legal immigrant by the stroke of a pen, without having to organize illegal immigration at all. There are no checks and balances in the current immigration law, none whatsoever. No one checked the law to see that voting is a different matter and citizenship is granted by the courts, not by the Federal government; and is controlled by the counties and the states, not by the Federal government.

Then the immigration scare was married for a while to the perennial terrorism scare: Someone was reported to have found an Urdu-English dictionary somewhere in the desert. So now from nine thousand smuggled children the scare grew to thousands of Muslim terrorists crossing the border.

Then it was suddenly forgotten. Another danger was reported: the first Ebola case, a doctor and a nurse who were taken back home from the mission field. The noise made by the media about their return disappeared when they went home completely cured of it.

Then there was ISIS. We are all gonna die because the couple of thousand idiotic savages in black clothes are coming to America to kill us all. That they were easily stopped and defeated by the Kurds’ troops did not mean anything, we still have to be very afraid of them.

Then Ebola re-surfaced again, with assurances that it will certainly spread throughout the US this time. Someone even predicted millions of deaths.

Then another combination of scares appeared, this time Ebola plus South American immigrants. What’s still missing is a combination of Mexican gangs and Ebola, or of ISIS and Ebola. I don’t expect it to be long before those appear, too.

One after another, these scares appear, command prime time on TV, control the headlines, make everyone crazy, and then disappear into oblivion, without a trace. Like Sandy Hook. Like the anthrax scare. And so on. They all have the same characteristics: It’s something big and scary, something that will certainly wipe us out, or will destroy America as we know her, the individual citizen is helpless before it, but the government – and specifically the Federal government – can and must do something about it, even if it means more destruction of our liberties. Destruction of liberties, of course, only as the necessary price for gaining more security. The global warming scare was too general and its threat was too far ahead in the future. These weekly threats pretend to be imminent. “You should be terrified!” “You should be scared!” “You won’t be able to sleep tonight unless you go online mattress shopping!” Etc., etc.

And there’s one more difference: The global warming scare was designed to subjugate the leftists, those who used to carry the “Question Authority” bumper-stickers. They would fall for anything that looked like “protecting the environment” or “hurting the corporations,” so once the Federal government pretended to do these things in fighting the “global warming,” “question authority” quickly became “give the government all the power it wants.” The weekly scares of our day are designed to subjugate the conservatives, those who increasingly call for less Federal government, lower taxes, state rights, secession, etc. With the leftist part of the US population safely in the Federal government’s back pocket, the “conservative” media are now busy creating a meek conservative populace that would eventually submit to anything the Federal government is doing to them. How? Tell them “America” needs to be protected against immigrants, Muslim terrorists, Third World diseases, foreign cultures, Mexicans (of course). And make those threats big enough to be only solved by the Federal government. Then call for Obama to take action, and when he doesn’t, promise that the next Republican president will do the job. When the next Republican president enters the Oval Office, no conservative will object when more liberties are taken away in the name of “security.” After all, how many conservatives objected to the Patriot Act, to the Republican creations of DHS, TSA, or the humiliating searches at the airports?

We are used to the notion that it is the Democrats who use scare tactics to reduce their voters to an obedient mass. We need to free ourselves of that stereotype. Republicans do it, too, as much as the Democrats. The last several weeks of one scare after another are an ample testimony of that practice.

The reality is, none of these scares are real, and none of them have the destructive potential ascribed to them. Immigrants can hurt neither the American economy nor the American culture. Muslim terrorists around the world are a very small bunch of people. ISIS is a local political sect of a few thousand ill-trained bullies. All the 200,000 gang population of Mexico, if they move to the US, can’t hurt the American cities anymore than the 800,000 gang population already operating in the cities of the US. Ebola is controllable, as private companies in Africa and the private hospital in Atlanta demonstrated. None of these problems need any intervention of the Federal government, nor anymore destruction of our liberties in exchange for security. The only real danger we should be aware of, and fight against, is the tyranny of a growing Federal government, and its false prophets, the mainstream media, leftist and “conservative.”

So next time some neocon tries to convince you how scared and terrified you are supposed to be, turn off the TV or block that Facebook headline. Turning into a trembling idiot is dangerous to your liberty.

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  • No, in fact, I would say based upon the last few weeks that the FEDs and socialized medicine can only make Ebola worse. What we need is totally privatized “health care” and an elimination of government skrools where diseases easily spread. The axe needs to be laid at the root of these idols…and quickly…

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