Romney Losing Makes Christians Repent?

It’s November 7th, 2012 and it is looking as if the Republican “Messiah” Mitt Romney may not win this election. For four years the GOP has been debating the issues, speaking against the acts of Barrack Obama and claiming to have a much better and more Constitutional way of doing things. Almost four years later the RNC pulled a sucker punch by changing the rules of delegation, just to keep away the Ron Paul supporters. The GOP knew that Ron Paul, formerly registered as Libertarian, would wipe the floor against the other candidates, so they were left with a decision; let Ron Paul win and their lives be radically changed or create a loop-hole to prevent such a thing from happening.

In a sense the real conservatives should be glad that Romney loses, because after what the GOP has done to their own republicans, using their sly tactics of changing rules, paying the media to blackout Ron Paul and giving the republicans a candidate that is frankly a radical hypocrite, the GOP does not deserve to win this election. This is a form of God’s judgement, when one can be comfortable using double-speak. The GOP is no longer conservative, nor has it been for quite awhile. Romney is not conservative and his policies will be no better than Obama’s, if indeed your political position is Biblical. The GOP has become a fascist, greedy, hate inciting and grossly deceitful party that has continuously failed the people of America within the last few elections.

From 2001-2009, Republican President George W. Bush demanded a response to 9/11 by sending troops to Afghanistan in order to weed out Al Qaeda and it’s charismatic leader, Osama Bin Laden. Beginning in 2003 Bush then supported an invasion to send more troops to Iraq, searching for WMD’s, a conflict and occupation that still continues today. Both of these conflicts are huge financial vacuums and have hurt the image of America, while simultaneously provoking aggression from radical militia’s in the east. The four-trillion dollar bailout is nothing compared to the damage Americans will suffer from endless wars, an imperial foreign policy, a fascist domestic policy and a Keynesian fiscal policy, all which were and are currently strongly supported by the GOP.

All of those things we said to say this; Obama is not the issue. Obama alone is not to be blamed for our current troubles in America, it’s both the Democrats and the Republicans who are at fault. If Romney loses, praise God! And this is why, because it will make Christians repent from their current political view that they can abandon Biblical principles and expect God to bless that. The Bible states very clearly that the man we vote in must fear God and he must hate a bribe, which excludes Romney from qualifying. There is a two-fold effect with Romney losing.

If Romney loses then it is God’s judgement on a nation. Yes, perhaps Romney’s principles may slow down our time clock of destruction, but at the cost of abandoning Biblical principles? God’s judgement includes a nation being given the greatest evil ruler, because it’s people were not faithful in voting according to God’s law. The judgement of God after this election is unknowable, since He may relent from the full blast of His wrath by putting men in place that successfully repel the liberal agenda. However, God may also give way to liberals, giving them power to tax citizens at a higher rate, take away more civil rights or engage in another conflict. Through all of these negative sanctions there is a blessing.

The blessing through Romney losing is that this event marks the defeat of the GOP. The GOP has shown it’s true colors in using deceitful tactics to win, giving up their conservative principles and royally screwing the people, all in the name of being Constitutional. The defeat of Romney will also show the division in Republican voters, since most were for Ron Paul while refusing to vote for another neo-con. Romney will lose to the most controversial incumbent in American history, revealing the fatal condition of the Republican Party and it’s need to truly reform. Christians can now see the need to get back in government and quit letting infidels ruin your family, your church and your nation. If the defeat of Romney does not motivate Christians to repentance and action, then the church is much worse than originally thought. The time in history that Christians do not stand up and be a bold voice with hands and feet is a time when God is greatly angry.

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