Elysium: An Empty Promise

WARNING: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE MOTION PICTURE “ELYSIUM”. – – Elysium was a movie that revealed what would happen when the church disappeared and when Satan’s kingdom would be left to it’s own demise. The picture played on the emotions of the audience in order to argue it’s case (which I believe to possibly be universal healthcare and […]

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Democracy: An Economical Morality

The Christian will face several issues within his lifetime. The Christian first encounters the transcendent issue; God and the sinner’s condemnation. After Christians respond to the gospel call (the effectual calling) the renewing of the mind takes place in the saint’s life. This consists of personal sanctification, thirst for God’s Word, and the study of theology. However, one area that […]

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Why Christians are losing the culture war

It’s now an undeniable fact that Christians have, and are still in some ways, losing ground in the American culture war. Atheists are erecting monuments in favor of their unbelief and in opposition to religion, commonly towards Christianity, while gays/sodomites/homosexuals are becoming more prevalent in our society. Churches are watering down the gospel with ‘feel-good’ messages about self-improvement and positive […]

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