Marijuana: God’s Creation or Satan’s Lettuce?

Can Christians Smoke Weed?

The process of maturing as a Christian has finally brought me to the question, can Christians smoke weed? When I first became a Christian I was afraid of alcohol. I was brought up to believe that it was best to avoid it because of all the trouble it caused. I would never say it was a sin to consume, however I did mark it as unwise and thought it as anotherindustrial-hemp tool for Satan to tempt me with.

After I grew in the Christian faith and established a biblical worldview about areas of life such as civil government, church, individual sanctification, culture, etc, I began to question the things that I had set aside to be dealt with later. One of those things was the issue of drugs. I have seen several attempts at defending the Christian’s liberty to use drugs, but have found none that actually addressed the arguments from the prohibitionists.

I use the term “drug” because it is the term we use in our culture now. The better term would be “substance”, because “drug” has the connotation of official recognition and accreditation by professionals, read this guide that talks about it. One minute drugs are bad and illegal, then the next they are prescribed. “Substance” is the better word choice.

Having not used many substances in my former days, I was only well acquainted with alcohol, pills and marijuana. I abused pills, but I don’t believe they are sin in a capsule. Alcohol was certainly used in excess. It’s my fault for wanting to use a lot, because I wanted to be drunk and delusional. Marijuana on the other hand was another issue for my Christian worldview to process, because it had such a bad reputation, not just within the church, but also in the eyes of the world, while also presenting a new set of side effects. I have a logical mind, so lists really help me out. I began my discernment process by first listing out other substances, along with their side effects.

Caffeine: Alertness, heightened senses, suppression of hunger.

Alcohol: Warmness, relaxation, increases creativity, increases humor, increases, hunger increase in sexual desire not worse than the Poppers Buyers Club products.

Marijuana: Increase in creativity, increase in hunger, relaxation, heightened sense, promotes critical thinking, causes sleepiness (source:

Acetaminophen: Pain suppressor, caffeine (see above list).

This is where I had to understand and admit that marijuana was no different than these things, except that I had been using caffeine and acetaminophen with no thought at all. Do you remember the time you first had coffee? Do you feel the same now? No, because you built a tolerance to it. All substances are the same, some are just much worse than others.

So how do the prohibitionists argue their case against marijuana use? There are mainly three arguments.

The “pharmakeia” Argument

This one is the most important argument, because it’s an argument from Scripture. This argument hinges on the definition and use of the Greek word “pharmakeia”. The reason this word is of significance is because of what Paul stated (and what was previously stated in God’s law), in Galatians.

“Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery(pharmakeia), enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.” Galatians 5:19-21

BAM. There it is right? Let’s just drop that verse on anyone that dares justify their sin of smoking weed and getting high!

Oh wait, what does the word actually mean though? According to Strong’s Concordance, the word can be used in these ways:

1) the use or the administering of drugs

2) poisoning

3) sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it

4) metaph. the deceptions and seductions of idolatry

Fair enough right? Crystal clear eh? No.

Who defines what a drug is? If individuals can just go around slapping “DRUG” on a substance, then how does that establish objective truth? Does the majority dictate what is a drug? More importantly, what did the word mean when Paul wrote it?

“Witchcraft (pharmakeia) began as the attempt to use drugs and potions to harm one’s enemies. (Ironically, on the positive side, it was out of this dabbling in drugs that modern medical science and the pharmaceutical industry originated.) By the time of Paul the word had come to include magic, incantations, drugs, and all the occult means by which men attempt to manipulate the dark powers of the supernatural world.” – Kenneth L. Boles, “Galatians and Ephesians”

“[pharmakeia] carries the connotation of using drugs for nefarious purposes, such as poisoning or in the practice of sorcery. The term is used in this latter sense in this context. Thus, both the practice of worshiping false gods and using drugs to enhance mystical worship experience are included as part of what it means to live according to the “acts of the sinful nature”.” – Tremper Longman, III, ‎David E. Garland, “The Expositor’s Bible Commentary”

“Witchcraft is from pharmakia, which word speaks in general of the use of drugs, whether helpfully by a physician, or harmfully by someone whose purpose it is to inflict injury, hence, in the ense of poisoning. Aristotle, Polybius, and the LXX use the word of witchcraft, since witches used drugs. In Isaiah 47:9, it is a synonym of the word epaiode which means enchantment. In the LXX, the word is uniformly used in a bad sense, of the witchcraft or enchantments of the Egyptians (Ex 7:11, 22), the Canaanites (Wisdom 12:4), and the babylonians (Isa. 47:9, 12). it is used in the New Testament to refer to sorceries (Rev. 9:21). In the present passage [Galatians 5:20], the reference is to witchcraft, sorcery, magic art, without special reference to the use of drugs.” Kenneth S. Wuest, “Wuest’s Word Studies From The Greek New Testament, vol. I”

“witchcraft; any real or pretended league and association with the devil, seeking to converse with familiar spirits, to gain unlawful knowledge, or to do hurt to fellow creatures; which, as it is doing honour to Satan, detracts from the glory of God, and rightly follows idolatry; conjuration, soothsaying, necromancy, and all kind of magic are included and condemned hereby: ” – “John Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible”

“Galatians 5:20  Idolatry, witchcraft – That this means witchcraft, strictly speaking, (not poisoning,) appears from its being joined with the worship of devil – gods, and not with murder. This is frequently and solemnly forbidden in the Old Testament. To deny therefore that there is, or ever was, any such thing, is, by plain consequence, to deny the authority both of the Old and New Testament. Divisions – In domestic or civil matters. Heresies are divisions in religious communities.” – “John Wesley’s Explanatory Notes”

Even well-known Bible commentators have differing opinions about what Paul is really meaning in Galatians, but the general meaning is obvious. God has given man the knowledge and resources to create substances that kill pain for the suffering, reduces inflammation, reduces stomach acid, helps the digestive system, and a multitude of other godly things, that I believe are testimony to the Rock filling the earth. God even gave man alcohol to enjoy, and yes that means that we get giggly and feel very warm and relaxed. The real problem, as I will perhaps elaborate on, is that Christians have lost almost all manner of mature discernment, especially when they’re stuffing themselves with McDonalds.

So, what about the argument that marijuana simply “looks and feels” like witchcraft? Well, I think that’s a lot of imposing your preconceived notion of the substance. Just because you think something about it, or if it makes you feel a certain way, does not mean that it’s the same for everyone else. A subjective argument is a bad argument.

Below is a short comparison of beer and weed, in preparing and making the end product.


High as a Kite and Drunk as a Skunk?

The typical Hollywood film depicts smoking pot as this lucid, delusional experience in the same way that it depicts alcohol. Their intentions are not to ward off individuals from using these substances, rather to show them how to abuse them, because that’s the only way to have a good time, right? Christians do the same. Christians are so afraid of alcohol that they lie about the effects of it, not to correct but to instead scare their children away from it. Instead of teaching others to be mature and to handle alcohol in moderation, they find it easier (or what they call “wiser”) to give the most radical illustration of it’s effects, while ignoring the plethora of biblical passages that call it a blessing.

This is the only basis that one could even attempt to argue the case for prohibition, both for marijuana and alcohol. However, the argument cannot in anyway be arguing for objective, universal prohibition, since biblical passages prohibit such legalism. Instead, marijuana has to be handled in the same way that alcohol does. The issue with marijuana in moderation is that the effects are much different than alcohol. Just as with caffeine and music, marijuana can entice the mind to think more creatively. There’s nothing wrong with that. Marijuana may also make you hungry, just like alcohol. There’s nothing wrong with that. It may even make you laugh a little, just as a child with a sugar rush. The bottom line is that if taken in moderation, the line of drunkenness will not be crossed, and I would even argue that it cannot be crossed. To be drunk with marijuana takes a large amount of really good substances and a few hours of smoking. Trust me, I learned that in high school. When one crosses the line to judge another’s tolerance level for them, they are essentially judging the heart. That is the sin.


You don’t have to have a beer to have fun

And you don’t have to have coffee in the morning, but wait…you do because you really don’t want that headache. Plus, that morning cup of coffee (or two cups) really does get your butt in gear real fast. What would you do without it? I don’t HAVE to have my coffee at all, but I want to. It makes me more productive, keeps me alert, helps me think better and faster, and even helps my digestive system. I don’t HAVE to have an alcohol beverage at social gatherings, but I want to. If I’m in a large group of people I shut down real fast, so alcohol helps me open up and socialize. It also relaxes me, makes me happy and merry, so I really enjoy alcohol. But, there are ways to abuse both. One leads to drunkenness, the other health issues, so is better than when you need anything to feel relax is better to take prescribed supplements as kratom capsules which you can get online.

I’m not sure why, but for awhile I was ashamed to say that. A few years ago it would have been embarrassing for me to say “I really enjoy alcohol.”, because I didn’t have the understanding and critical thought about it that I do now. Instead of just going with what the majority of Christians said and did, I decided to see what Scripture said, and it was quite an eye opener. We are living out a post-prohibitionist tradition that demonizes joy. It’s a pseudo-Christianity that is set on killing peace and joy on earth, because hey, Jesus said this is not our home so let’s not set up camp and build, right?


Why is this so important?

Primarily, this issue is important because God’s Word is on the line and legalism is attempting to trample it. Legalism has throughout generations reared it’s ugly head, binding the conscience of Christians and hindering the God mandated dominion covenant. Just as the Women’s Christian Temperance Union attempted to argue for alcohol prohibition with God’s name attached, Christians still do the same, and will continue to, until they let the Truth of God’s Word speak instead of their ignorance and misconceptions.

Look, pot (marijuana) is a plant. I am well aware that there is some really, really strong pot out there, but that’s still irrelevant. The issue is drunkenness; period. It’s not smoking that’s a sin, or the fact that it’s illegal. It’s a plant, that when smoked affects your body. Witchcraft? No. Hallucinogen? No. You’re having the same reaction that people had to alcohol when they first discovered it. It’s new to you, and you’re scared. Just admit that that is the issue, then examine God’s Word, and stop assuming that Christians are trying to find ways to get around God’s will.



  • THANK YOU! Best article ever on this subject. Finally, an adult conversation about weed.

    • I am a true believer in Jesus Christ, I also am a medical Marijuana famer. I am a 100% devoted Christian, I medicate everyday and everyday the Lord works through me. I am a healer, I have the gift of prophecy, the gift of faith and giving. All of out internal organs including our brains have cannabanoid and cannabadial receptors in them. Our bodies do not have alcohol receptors nor do they have opioid receptors. Our skin is the same chemical properties as thc. Marijuana us not a sin, the Holy Spirit works through me everyday even though I am fully medicated on cannabis. I believe it is the enemy that created this useless war on the plant not only to keep people from healing but to allow all the other hard core drugs such as meth, heroin, cocaine, and alcohol to run rampant and destroy our society by keeping our government and law enforcement focused on this pointless battle. Marijuana is not the problem and God does not hate it, it cures so much and the enemy is very cunning and has kept it away from us for so long. Through fear and hype, I have seen it heal epilepsy, autism, diabetes, cancer, ptsd, and much much more. Like I said I have gifts of the Spirit I use everyday fully medicated on Marijuana, God is always with me because it’s not a sin, our bodies need it. It’s heals and the Lord knows it, and the enemy knows it also so for many years now he has made mass hysteria and fear of this plant to keep people from the truth. That our bodies have receptors for it our skin is of it. It’s funny to me that people are so misinformed. People are cool with drinking, tweeking, pill popping, heroin using whether it be needle use or prescription form, yet smoking a bowl to medicate is a sin. Just what the enemy wants us to believe. Still blinding people to what is and isn’t true, the enemy he b is crafty

      • Hey! I’ve been at war with myself about this for a while. Can you please email me and give me some insight about this?
        I have a Christian and been smoking for three years but a month and a half ago I was housing a friend, found out she was stealing from me, I called her out on it, and she reported me to social services. I am currently in drug classes but… It’s weed. God made it for us. Ya know? So please, if you will help me because I have prayed over this alot. I’m glad I read your post.

      • Don’t have opioid receptors? Come on…

      • I definitely understand where you’re coming from momaganja, being an avid pot smoker for about a decade. To me it seems like maybe you’re trying to convince yourself that it’s okay. Yet, I am not saying that it is a sin, or that it’s not okay. I believe that there is a fine line between helping you and hurting you, depending on the person and their influences. Just wanted to share my opinion! Don’t drink the wine when it’s red, and as long as you don’t smoke marijuana when it’s green (in this case lol) I think all is well.

      • Thank you! I’m wresting with this issue currently. I have used marijuana to treat my depression and chronic pain since 2012. I don’t want to rely on medicine the Lord would be unhappy about. What you’ve said helps me with knowing the right course of action. Whenever I try the pharmaceutical approach for medication, my life goes in a terrible direction, full of sin. While using medical marijuana, I live with my Bible rules no problem at all. The chemical antidepressants get me started on a path of fornication, perversion, and sin. Medical marijuana is different. I don’t fornicate. There is no perversion. I don’t sexually sin. That’s very important to me. I am praying for a healing from Jesus for my depression and pain however and am excited for the day He makes me better and I won’t need any medicine but Him.

  • Refreshing!!! Courageous to share your views!!! Very brave. I detest legalism.

  • The current “drug wars” are nothing more than a justification for side-stepping due process and knocking down doors without warant and for maintaining the current high profitability of what are mostly cheap agricultural products. I don’t know what it takes to make crystal methamphatimine, but it is the only one I can think of that has to be chemically manufactured.
    God is using the scum that calls itself government to create the evil we see today. Time for his people to repent, turn from their wicked ways, and seek his face. God will do what he has to to get our attention.

    David Parker

  • I couldn’t get too deep into this article, because the author comes off as a total jack ass. As one who is all for the legalization of marijuana, my bend is not from that perspective. I guess his attitude is completely consistent with every street preacher I have ever met – at root: self-righteousness. You would do well to put the axe to your own root before someone does it for you!

    • You really should have read the whole article, only then when you realize that the only one who sounds like an ass here is you.

  • Agreed. Thank you. Interesting as well is the fact that, despite what some may say, cannabis has been shown to have health and medicinal benefits.


    • As Christians we have to watch out for idols throughout our lives. Some kids can get too far into videogames while an adult gets too deep in gambling. Many things are at high risk of being an idol or taking our focus off what matters most. The reason why you see people let it be a big part of thier lives is because they likley like it very much, and they want to show it.

    • aye i feel you !!

  • Thomas Haviland-Pabst

    This is an issue that we will all have to face as Christians because the possibility of marijuana becoming legal is more and more likely. I appreciate your comments about the argument from pharmakeia. I also agree that this is not really a strong argument.

    But, having said this, I don’t agree with your ultimate conclusion. In particular, you said, “… the bottom line is that if taken in moderation, the line of drunkenness will not be crossed, and I would even argue that it cannot be crossed.”

    I do think there is some wiggle room with MJ (marijuana), that is, it is possible to use it moderately without crossing that line. But to say that “it cannot be crossed” is a different issue altogether. Although I cannot argue this at length, I do think that many of the potential effects of MJ do equate with drunkenness and I believe that a thorough examination of Scriptural teaching on alcohol, as the closest ancient parallel to marijuana, reveals much about why drunkenness, in whatever form, is condemned, and gives us broader parameters with which to understand the effects of MJ and their connection to drunkenness as biblical defined.

    If you or any of your readers are interested, I have written a paper on the permissibility (or lack thereof) of recreational marijuana. Feel free to contact me via response to this post if you would like this paper.

    • When I said, “cannot be crossed” I was referring to the ceiling that veteran users reach. If you drink too much alcohol you throw up, get sick, and wake up feeling that you got your head smashed. With marijuana you get really sleepy. That’s really about it. It’s very different from drunkenness in that way, but I do believe at that point you’re probably stoned out of your mind, something I don’t think Christians can do in good faith.

      In the end we cannot know if anyone is drunk, whether it be on alcohol or pot, except by the fruits they produce (throwing up, falling over, acting like another person, etc.). We have to educate the saint about what drunkenness is, then leave it between them and God. Just because one person experiences strong effects of alcohol or pot, does not in anyways necessitate that he/she were drunk. People commonly interpret what their body experiences through the lens of the world. It’s worldly men and women that get wild and horny after a few shots, not Christians. And to impose that same standard of measure onto brothers and sisters in Christ is divisive and a foundation for strife.

    • I would like to read the paper.

    • I believe many have imposed their own views (or religious, cultural, other) upon the use of cannabis, alcohol and tobacco. In history, in spite of the fact that all of these substances have been linked to religious or Enthrogenic experiences throughout history. As Carl Seagan has pointed out, cannabis is one of the first crops ever cultivated by humans.
      Moderation in all things, as well as the fact that many people prefer to choose many different plants and herbs for their medical needs should be considered here. When it comes to consuming alcohol, cannabis, excess sugar, large amounts of coffee or chocolate, etc. it is important to know the difference between “recreational/medical use and a lifestyle”.
      The media loves a thrill and likes to push extreme headlines for effect because we, as consumers seem to demand it. The story of crazed alcoholics or couch potatoe stoners certainly will sell more papers than stories of people who only drink or smoke cannabis moderately, don’t smoke the strongest cannabis or the strongest drinks they can get their hands on and don’t spend their day recreating with mood altering substances.
      In reality all substances have their benifits as well as their side effects. We have conclusive proof that alcohol and tobacco are over 100 times more dangerous than cannabis, attack every system in the body, are strongly addictive but rarely do we lock some one up for having a few drinks in their home after a day of work.
      By the same token, “intoxication”, “mood altering” and “stoned” are all unclear terms, none of which help define the use of recreational or medical substances. Few people even consider the fact that the effects of alcohol can last for many hours or overnight, but the use of average grade cannabis commonly lasts only a few hours and leaves no hangover the next day.
      I appreciate the points made by the author of the article I am commenting on very much. Many of his points were well made. It is also enlightening to have someone point out that biblical writings are filled with translation errors that are seldom ever discussed but are critical when literal translations are being quoted as God’s word. In my opinion, as humans we will continue i.e. To seek out foods, beverages and activities that reduce stress or can be considered recreational, medicinal or Enthrogenic. These remains a matter, just like religion, a personal choice. These substances used in moderation, responsibly, and in a way that not threaten the safety and well being of others would seem to be a personal choice that the government does not need to be involved in.

      • To this point, I have to say this. Alcohol actually changes the body. It changes parts or your brain after one drink to start wanting alcohol. Yes, it’s not bad after one drink, but that’s why people become addicted. God does not want us to alter our bodies in any way. Alcohol does this. Cannabis does not. It does not change the body in any way. It releases chemicals in the Brain for a short period of time, and if one is “altered” by smoking, it’s because they thought about life while high, and looked at things from a different perspective, one that may be more enlightening.

      • I just wanna say this clearly…I’m a teacher and all stoners I know are just that, STONES that rarely make movement or radical change in this world for GOOD! To want to smoke is pure idolatry. “Love not the world!”

    • Hey I agree with you too and I’ve been trying to look up as many links possible to convince my boyfriend how being a christian clearly means SOBER AND VILIGANT but marjiuana is getting so comfortable to people now its hard to convince him the right what do I do?? Because God can not hear your prayers if you sin and smoking marjiuana is definitly a bad as any other drug. I went to dui school and they even teach how do I go along to show him this?? We cant be of this world

      • Using cannabis isn’t a sin, and cannabis isn’t a “drug,” it’s a plant. It’s you who needs to change your warped, worldly perspective, not your boyfriend. Try reading Genesis 1:29.

  • Personally, I disagree with the direction you took with the article from the beginning. If you wanted to use the same passage, you need to address the range of meaning Paul means for the word drunkenness and not focus so much on sorcery. Drunkenness is a sin because it’s stated in the bible it is and because it causes the lose of control for the person (this is distinctly different than enjoying a drink; drunkenness prohibited but drinking is not). The kings of OT were warned against the partaking of too much wine because it would cause them to forget the Law of The Lord. Strong drink is a brawler and leads to fighting.

    Why am I connecting marijuana and drunkenness? Because of a connection in their results. Paul spoke against drunkenness partly because of its result – being out of control and being control by a substance. Under the range of meaning he would have included marijuana too because of its resultant – being out of control, etc.

    Now as you stated in your article, you compared marijuana use to pain relievers, caffeine, etc. but that’s an unfair comparison. Why? Simply because the intended purpose, the aim, of its use. Caffeine is used to focus, alcohol to relax and enjoy, etc . But the aim, the purpose of marijuana is to get high while it does have all those nice side effects you mentioned. I’ve never heard someone going to buy weed to get out if a writer’s rut or to go unwind after work. No one I’ve ever heard of got a dime bag size of one kind with another to compare the quality of flavor, etc. The intended purpose of marijuana is to get high as a kite. And if they were more “creative” during that time, that was just a bonus.

    In regards to medicinal use, such a cancer treatments and glaucoma, perhaps marijuana is the only pain relief available (so it’s aim, intended use, is pain relief). To that, Christians should be willing to accept that treatment for others and not look down on them. But making marijuana legal for these few is simply opening a flood gate we won’t close. Even in interviews with marijuana shop owners in California, most of them agreed probably only 10 percent were for medicinal use. The rest were just smoking it up.

    • So caffeine is not used for a high? Actually, that is exactly what it is used for. I smoke marijuana just like coffee. The same time on average during the day and not to get a high to lose control, but in the same way we use caffeine to jump start our system in the morning, we have the ability to use marijuana for any of the side effects as you call them… such as relaxing at the end of the day, the very same way a glass of wine is used. It is sinful to abuse marijuana or to allow anything to distract you from God. Many people turn to modern medicine the same way, and even though they may not be abusing RX drugs in a legal way, they are idolizing their doctors and the ‘miracle drugs’ they sell. Wanting to relieve or avoid a physical or emotional discomfort by using RX medications (as prescribed) can absolutely be compared to relieving a physical or emotional discomfort with marijuana. Are both sinful or is this a case where moderation comes in? 70% of American’s use at least 1 prescription drug, more than half have two or more long term prescriptions. Not all of that %70 percent idolize medicine, but some do. Same applies to alcohol, food, money and marijuana… there isn’t enough biblical evidence to support the idea that marijuana cannot be used in a beneficial manner or that God disapproves of it. He is looking at the heart. The bible does say that if you are using marijuana or rx meds or alcohol or gambling or eating or exercising or sleeping or anything else to avoid giving your life to Him, repenting or trusting in Him, then you are delaying His work in you and He wants you to let it go.

    • Steve: As a Reformed Christian and a daily cannabis user, I’d like you to substantiate the claim that cannabis use necessarily leads to, or involves, a loss of control. The resultant, psychoactive effects of cannabis use are not analogous to those of drunkenness (trust me–I’ve been sinfully drunk), and without God’s good gift of cannabis, I don’t think I’d always be able to exercise, read, or study the way I do. Please, e-mail me at

    • You’re assuming that by using cannabis you immediately become drunk.

      You’re assuming that by using cannabis you lose control of body and mind.

      The aim of using marijuana is not to get high by default.

    • >>But making marijuana legal for these few is simply opening a flood gate we won’t close. Even in interviews with marijuana shop owners in California, most of them agreed probably only 10 percent were for medicinal use. The rest were just smoking it up.

      Assuming you are correct, you are apparently willing then to use the legal system to destroy peoples’ lives because you disagree with their usage of a plant. Doesn’t seem very Christian to me.

    • I personally smoked cannabis for about a month and found myself wanting to plant flowers and learn how to grow my own food. I would smoke the weed that I was given and ask God for understanding. I would then read the bible and walk around my town gathering rocks from alley ways. I found many samples of what the basin had to offer. I separated them into groups based on texture, what they looked like, and how strong they were. I started to look at things differently. Things that were always there but we’re payed no attention by myself or others around me. Like trees for instance. They are alive. I never treated them like they were life. I treated them like they were trees. I don’t even smoke anymore do to the demonic devil worshipping stigma that my family, state, and government has put on it. My grandfather in law told me I was supposed to like Jesus and I had always heard the saying what would Jesus do? I smoked marajuana and felt the courage to try. Again I picked up my bible and asked God for understanding and to fill me with his glorious light. I read and read and found myself changing who I was. I stopped dipping which was killing me. I stopped playing video games because they took me away from the Word and the Word is life. I started to tend to my grandparents plants around the the house and to trees around my neighborhood because that is what I felt like God was calling me to do. I tried staying outside for a night here in Oklahoma and I couldn’t do it. I wanted to experience what Jesus experience while in the wilderness. I wanted to better understand him. My grandfather in law gave me a flashlight/pen that said, Jesus light of the World. But not a month before that he said Lucifer was known as the enlightened one. I took the pen outside and walked all the way across our property and saw a little light on the ground. I said to myself ooh shiny just like a little kid does when he first finds a coin. I reached down to pick it up and felt nothing. I took a closer glance and was looking into the face of what used to be my largest fear. A spider. I turned back and pointed the light to the ground and saw hundreds if not thousands of spiders on the ground scattered throughout the grass. I felt like that is why I could not sleep outside in this terrain. I also smoked and started building a small model of “The New Jerusalem” without ever consciously understanding what it was. I came to the end of the river into the Dead Sea. This was the problem in my eyes. The fact that the plan ended in a way that had to be physically purified by man. It was hoarding. I wanted to walk with Jesus and I wanted to live by my name. My name is Christian. Christian means like Christ. I was willing to drop everything and follow Him. I asked Him into my heart and I chose to be a bond slave to Jesus at a very young age. I saw people accepting Jesus into there hearts and I said, I want that. I had teammates on my baseball team that claimed to be in free masonry. I was interested and did my own research and asked my family about them and came to the conclusion that I would have to deny Jesus as Messiah. One of the “guys” (not to be named) said, “it’s a Christian based fraternity” really? I graduated from college with a bachelors of science because it was the easiest possible thing for me to take. I thought that I was going to be a coach and learn about the human body. When I graduated I felt disgusted. I had a horrible feeling like I was committing a wrong act. Such a strange feeling on what was supposed to be a glorious day. I felt Division. I was dividing myself from everyone else by receiving my degree. It felt so fake and pointless. It felt like witchcraft! Smoking weed never felt like witchcraft. I’ve been scared to smoke because of poverty! I wouldn’t be able to pass a drug test. But the sad thing is I don’t care about money. What I earn I give to my girlfriend. And she gives me food and tries to be the sole happiness in my life. When I am unhappy she says I wish I could make you happy. And the truth is that true happiness can only be found from the Father. When I tell these things to my grandma she tells me no one wants to be around you. You are taking the bible too literal. What about grandpa? Are you saying that he is not living the way he is supposed? He is very wealthy. But gives to the church. Jesus said it would be nearly impossible for a wealthy man to see the Kingdom of God. I wish I could find people out there that could love me for who I want to be. I want to heal the sick and cure the blind and to perform miracles even better then these as it was promised. I feel like a sheep that was lost and then found and then smoked cannabis and found out that where I was found was not where God wants me to be.

      • Thank you for sharing this testimony. God is concerned with matters of the heart. What is your desired intent for smoking marijuana? If it is to pass the time in the exaltation of your flesh, I believe it is sin. However marijuana is a blessing when used as described above, with a very focused intent on discerning the things of God. Cannabis is by far the most useful plant on the planet for food, fiber, and medicine, this is really not even up for debate. Simply because many sinful people use it in a sinful way by no means discredits this blessing that God has given us. I, in a similar fashion to Christian in the above post, found a new perspective on the world about the time I was graduating from college when I smoked marijuana for the first time. Folks, this world is governed and run by satanic principalities, and so much of what we take for granted as “normal” — be it a secondary or college education, television, restaurants, and even our 501c3 churches are very far removed from the presence of God. He has given us over to a strong and energizing delusion, and only those whom He calls and whom hear His voice shall come out from among the ways of the world. Cannabis can unlock that wild zeal for God in the hearts of men that will make them forsake money and the world and fall on their face in the dirt seeking The Lord. Contemporary Christianity in America cannot understand the enraptured heart seeking God in the wilderness, and the fact that cannabis can be a tool used for the healing of the nations. John the Baptist wore camels hair and ate food found in the wild. Where are these wild men of God today? In their business suits and ties in the sheet rock prisons we have constructed for our “worship?” This is a perverse and twisted generation. Come out from among it and God shall be a father unto you, and guide you by His Holy Spirit through faith on Jesus Christ. And FAITH should be an active one, walking as He walked. If cannabis is an aid to your walk, I believe it’s use is with God’s blessing. If it is a hindrance, then do not use it. It’s really quite simple.

      • Hey Christian! email me (
        I have been feeling the same way and it would be nice to talk to someone that has had similiar experiences that I have had.


    • Hey I am a Christian who regularly uses marijuana or weed which I buy leagally from a dispensary. Sounds like many here have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to smoking weed. Sure there are people out there who smoke weed just to get high. But not everyone, I use it for many reasons, to help with depression, to relax after a hard days work of doing construction for 10-12 hours, to make me want to eat because of my eating disorder, to help me sleep when I can’t.
      I thank God for marijuana, yes he put it here on earth to enjoy and use for many good purposes. Just because people abuse it or think they know what it does to you is not a good reason to demonize it.
      I bet most people here who are against it have no idea why or how marijuana became illegal through out the world.
      Think about it marijuana only became illegal less than the 80 years ago. Why? Was it based on truth? Or lies?
      Great article so glad there are thinking Christians who shed light on topics like this when so many are still left in the dark ages when it comes to weed.

    • Steven Ledingham

      This is a common myth that every user of cannabis wants to get high as a kite. Millions of casual users don’t want to smoke to the level of stupidity. I know many “veteran” (long term users) prefer moderate use of less powerful cannabis. It’s a media fueled reefer madness concept that every user wants to get blasted rather than just relax. In addition cannabis users develop a tolerance where they simply do not get the same effect over time, instead they often just feel mellow. It’s a well-established fact among users of medical marijuana that you’re not stoned all the time from using it. In addition the enhanced effects of smoked cannabis only last for an hour and a half to two hours. Also comparing the effects of alcohol which is a central nervous system depressant, which also suppresses inhibition and the cerebral cortex, to the effects of cannabinoids Is extremely inaccurate. Describing cannabis users as drunks is absolutely incorrect.
      Contemporary studies indicate both alcohol and tobacco to be at least 100 times more dangerous to the human body down the use of cannabis. It’s sad that’s a common perception of someone who enjoys recreational cannabis is still based on the propaganda of reefer madness and the comedy of Cheech and Chong. In reality alcohol use damages nearly every organ in the body and frequently leads to violence in many forms including drunken-driving. I have never seen a cannabis user get in the car and purposely break the speed limit. I’ve never seen a cannabis use her start a bar fight. There is no recorded death as a result of cannabis use, what typically happens is a cannabis users will fall sleep, and wake up the next day with no hangover.
      Another popular myth is that smoking cannabis is many times worse for your lungs that smoking tobacco. This is another popular myth that has been confirmed by contemporary science to be absolutely false. The belief in these myths somehow provides a rationale that it is OK to steal a person’s property destroy their family and imprison them for years or even their entire lifetime for nonviolent recreational use.
      Scientific research on the differences between alcohol tobacco and cannabis, are extremely important. It’s way past time to stop basing opinions of casual cannabis users on lies, myths propaganda and 2000-year-old biblical comments from an era which believed that the devil causes all illness.

    • I disagree with your perception of everyone who smokes wanting to get “super stoned” in the same way that not everyone who drinks wants to get “super drunk” every time they drink.
      This is a popular myth that is propagated by many to support their perception and public argument. In any populationyou will have a percentage of those who are unwilling to act or behave responsibly. In general this is about 10% or less. I believe it is unfair to punish the 90% of responsible people because 10% are either irresponsible for various reasons.
      Cannabis is one of the most popular recreational substance in the world. If it was a terrible as it is presented in U.S.A. media I’d be amazed if anyone showed up capable of working at all.

    • Major Mazzaroth

      the purpose of smoking weed isnot to get high as a kite some people just want a buzz. As for me I think the Holy Spirit is sufficient. The more you smoke weed the more you push the Holy Spirit out.The Joy of the Lord should be your strength. Man up Christians and face the world with the most powerfull combination in the world. Faith in the finish work of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The more of those two you have the less drugs you’ll need.

    • Cannabis doesn’t make one “out of control.” It does the opposite of alcohol: it provides clarity, insight, and focus. You don’t know what you’re talking about and need to repent of your error.

  • I think that moderation is the key like with substances like alcohol. the problem is proper dosing. I think marijuana needs to be treated carefully as alcohol. My feeling is that the thin line is crossed much easier while smoking marijuana. I’m not judging anybody but speaking out of my own experience. Are you able to connect with God while drinking? it’s hard. when smoking? even harder.

    • Lukas, as a person who is often high strung, feeling stressed, dealing with high anxiety and pressure, I absolutely find that I am ale to connect with God while drinking, vastly moreso with moderate cannabis use. If I am able to relax then I am able to clear my mind and soul of distractions or at least cope with them better and focus on prayer or meditating on God. Besides that, over the last 20 years I’ve tried every other natural and pharmaceutical remedy, habit changing suggestions and whatnot thats been suggested by doctors and homeopathics and nothing has worked for me consistently. When cannabis possession and use was legalized in WA State I was afraid to try. As soon as I got over my ultra conservative prohibitionist fears I began using it to fall asleep. It had been the only thing that has ever been able to help me sleep on an extremely consistent basis with very little to no negative side affect if I give myself enough time to sleep. In fact I wake up refreshed and 10 times more mentally acute and aware because I’m not dangerously sleep deprived. Up until recently that is – because I’m job hunting and many companies do stringent cannabis testing which, in my case, causes me to lose sleep which then reduces my productivity and ability to drive as safely and function professionally.

    • I disagree with comments that state authoritatively that using cannabis makes it difficult or impossible to be in touch with God. Historically alcohol, tobacco and cannabis have all been connected with enthrogenic, religious and spiritual activities. I accept that all substances effect all people differently. Religions have used chanting, singing, dancing and speaking in tongues as a way of getting in touch with God, these are certainly as mind altering as any substance use.

    • You’re wrong. Some of my best moments of clarity and connecting with Yahweh and his truth have been when I used cannabis, in faith.

  • 21 You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of demons. 22 Or do we provoke the Lord to jealousy? We are not stronger than He, are we? 23 All things are lawful, but not all things are profitable. All things are lawful, but not all things edify. (1 Corinthians 10:21-23)

  • I think there are a couple flaws in your argument. Your syllogism seems to go like so:

    1. Alcohol, caffeine, acitomenophen, and pot all have similar effects
    2. For us to be consistent, we have to treat them equally
    3. Therefore, since Christianity and Christians condone the first three, pot must be treated the same.

    I disagree with premise 1. While you chose some similarities, there is at least one screaming difference – pot is a mild hallucinogen, and for those reasons, can act as a doorway drug to other more dangerous halucinogens. I don’t think alcohol has this property. I discuss this in my article:

    Hallucinogens as Angels of Light

    Secondly, the Bible does not mention any other intoxicants acceptable in regular use, does it? I’m sure people knew how to smoke leaves then ;). Why does alcohol seem to get preferential treatment? Do you think that the principles deduced from scripture covering alcohol can just be applied to any other intoxicant?

    Third, you mentioned three arguments anti-pot people make, but I only saw one. (pharmakia).

    The other arguments I made above, that is, halucinogen, which is a doorway drug, and no mention in the bible.

    I don’t think it’s an open and shut case, I am not that bothered by pot or what people think of it, or even if Christians want to use it. I don’t. Perhaps this is a Romans 14 thing.

    Some more to ponder:

    10 Biblical Points about Alcohol and Drinking

    Navigating Moral Gray Areas

    • why do believers need something like weed? I don’t spoke weed or drink alcohol never have even before I was a believer. A glass of wine for most people does not alter the state of thier mind. However smoking weed does. I think smoking weed is more on the “drunk” as in be not drunk with wine but be filled with the Holy Spirit. I mean you can even over use food or use it for the wrong reason and that’s gluttony. So why would we as believers need to use any substance to “feel”a certain way? Let’s be filled with the Holy Spirit? For real medicinal purposes I think it’s fine. REAL. Not the made up ones folks fo with the phony weed doctors to get a card. But cancer and glaucoma and even for kids for medical purposes. I think the gentleman who wrote this article maybe wanted to defend his own use of weed. So he wrote the article to convince himself.

    • Alcohol is toxic, as is acetaminophen. Cannabis is safe, and God created it. And it’s not a gateway to anything other than clarity and focus, at least when it’s used correctly. You honestly don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

  • Excellent article,

    I got kicked out of my last church for using cannabis for a deformity in my back which cause me so much pain…… I still use it but feel a little condemned for using it because it isn’t legal here…. but I’ve had plenty of doctor’s medication which did nothing but tear my mind and family apart….

    I thank God for making cannabis along with anything else that helps ease suffering and pain….

    really is the best article I’ve seen so far……… I would caution people to be careful of making it an idol though, because through my personal experience I have also come to realise that over devotion and obsession with this awesome plant (see what i mean 🙂 ) can be a problem between your relationship with God and you

    God Bless….

    • … I also have this same experience. I am not “kicked” out, but a member used “the children” as a weapon against these ideas that YHVH gave man all the plants… I am not sure the main stream community has come to realize this yet my friend.

    • You’re trading your mind and spirit for your painkiller. There are many painkillers in the world that don’t deprive you of accurate thinking. Please keep searching for the one that will work for you. See my post below.

    • Hi Andrew,

      I understand many churches take disciplinary actions against drunkeness, and potentially Christians that may use cannabis. I think most situations like yours reflect a reaction to one that may use cannabis either illegally (without prescription) or irresponsibly. I’m not saying that is your situation, rather demonstrating the background to those very few cases with which that occurs.

  • Marijuana makes you feel good, relaxed, creative, all sorts of things. It mellows you out and it is a pleasure. It is, also, an IDOL. If you are a Christian, take heed. Having idols is a SIN.

    • One more thing. We are to walk like Jesus. How would you feel if the son of God smoked weed? How do you think that fact would impact or influence his Lordship over all?

  • Here are my thoughts, simple and no grey area:
    Marijuana=Plant w/drug properties. 125+ Canabinoids and infinite turpentine combinations.
    At the end of the day you have to ask yourself, do any of these seem natural to you? I say aspin aka willow bark is the only safe 1. Caffeine must shorten your life my accelerating your heartbeat right?

    • An accelerated heart beat does not dictate lifespan and each individual does not have the same amount of heart beats per life.

  • What?…. nice job on the article, first of all.

    This is an easy one for me. I have studied this for many years, yet can do this in a sentence or two…

    Does it grow from the earth and bear seed after it’s kind? Is it free? Then it is from YHVH!

  • Here is my bit on the sin of taking mind-altering drugs. by the way, really poor point when you say Marijuana increases critical thinking, just the opposite has been proven by many studies. It’s all about escape.

    1) Drunkenness is a sin. (Galatians 5:21, Ephesians 5:18) You can drink in moderation, but you can’t do drugs without getting a high. You can go into a deeper high, but any realistic amount is going to immediately take you to the drunkenness level.

    2) It is a sin because it is an escape from reality which includes the reality of God. Instead of bringing their problems to God, they are running away from them. Instead of finding their pleasure in God, they are seeking for it by running away from God. One of the characteristics of the wicked is “God is not in all their thoughts”.

    3) God give us the methods of worshiping him. Even when they think of God while stoned, they aren’t thinking of the real God, they are worshipping a delusion created in their mind. We are supposed to worship in spirit and truth, not in delusion.

    4) It creates confusion and God explicitly states that that is wrong.

    5) If you study the Greek of the Bible you’ll find that drugs are referenced explicitly as wrong, in fact as deserving of capital punishment (witchcraft). The English translations don’t do it justice.

  • I just wanna say dat dis article is totally right about the social effects of drugs (illicit or otherwise) but remember that there are many like me that take a medical drugs for various reasons.

  • I’m all for Christian liberty, and I won’t even be mad or judge if you want to smoke week “moderately”, but let’s be real: unless you’re a mad stoner (I was in High School), one good solid hit of some mids (term for mid-level quality weed) and you’re high enough to trip out on some Floyd (Pink). Again, if you feel that you can smoke weed in good faith and to the glory of God….be my guest. But seriously? To say something like: “To be drunk with marijuana takes a large amount of really good substances and a few hours of smoking. “….. C’mon now…. anyone who has smoked weed EVER would beg to differ.

    • I wouldn’t call it drunk. Can you give a Biblical definition of “drunk” Steve?

      • i was quoting the writer of the article when he stated that “to be drunk with marijuana” takes a large amount of good substances and a few hours of smoking. I would equate being drunk with being stoned, knowing this from past personal experience. It wouldn’t take much more than a solid hit or two of mid-level quality weed to get someone who isn’t cheech or chong, high.

        • Yea, but Steve that’s not defining “drunk”, and your equivocation of being stoned and drunk is your personal opinion. I’m asking for an objective standard to go by. What does the word “drunk” mean in the Bible and how does that look?

          • I guess you’re right, Evan. Being “drunk” in the bible is often linked with severe immoral behavior/actions, staggering around, vomiting, needless bruises, violence, bloodshot eyes, etc . I just find it hard to think that weed can be redeemed, especially in our culture. I feel like once weed is legalized and deemed as “acceptable” in our culture, the next thing will be cocaine. Doesn’t cocaine come from a seed-bearing plant as well? (coca leaves/plant) Are all seed-bearing plants redeemable in that way? I also don’t see a legit biblical case for smoking weed, as opposed to drinking alcohol. The biblical case for drinking alcohol far outweighs any inferential case that one might make for defending marijuana, in my opinion. But seriously, if you want to smoke, go for it. If your conscience allows it and you honestly can do so in good faith, then enjoy.

          • Per being “drunk” that is going to be tough to define. I think the correct term for alcohol is intoxication. The process involves progressive shutting down and inhibiting the cerebral cortex until eventually you pass out and nothing but the autonomic nervous system is still functioning.
            This is very different from a mind altering, enthrogenic or psychoactive effect from cannabis. Cannabis interacts with the human cannabinoid system to moderate pain, improve oxygen distribution, and reduce stress. Mid level cannabis usually helps you enjoy that walk, the sunset, music or that evening meal. It is absolutely nothing like getting drunk, using opioids or tripping on LSD. Not only that but it only lasts a few hours and seldom effects ones ability to make a nice meal or snack.

  • God more than once or twice explicitly in scripture gave us EVERY green plant for food (and healthful herb). We have waged a trillion dollar war against a plant and locked up more people than virtually every other country on the planet. All because of the attitude of many of the posters here. Yes, you are responsible. Because you may disagree with how someone else uses a plant (a green plant that God explicitly gave us), you are willing to destroy them.

    It is no coincidence that Big Pharma can’t make any profits off a plant that grows just about anywhere and that plant happens to be “outlawed.”

  • Evan,

    Thanks for writing. As someone who used marijuana daily for 15 years, I just wanted to add my argument against it: Matthew 22:36 “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?” 37 And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. 38 This is the great and first commandment.

    I know that I could not do that nor would I even attempt to fulfill that commandment while high. It’s certainly possible it could affect others differently.

    Grace and peace to you dear brother.

    • Yea man, initially I would agree that being high would potentially hinder the fulfillment of this commandment. I’m hesitant to absolutely agree because I would want the word “high” to be defined first. I know personally that I’ve smoked very small amounts of pot (like one small hit in a pipe, not holding it in, not coughing, etc.) and still had full control of my faculty. I’ve been able to benefit from the effects of pot, the same way I do with caffeine. But I agree with your point in general Bobby, and it’s definitely not something I’m gonna go out on the corner and preach about, because the unbeliever is just gonna use it as an excuse to sin. I think a lot of responsibility goes with the use of marijuana, and even the legal aspect of it means a lot to me, so I’d never encourage someone to go find weed, illegally buy it and illegally consume it, because I think there’s more wisdom to be used there.

    • Bobby,

      It most certainly can, Brother. Personally, I have found that a responsible use of cannabis is of benefit to me in more ways than one. For example, and this is counter-intuitive to the whole notion of getting “high” (if by “high” we mean taking a cognitive trip to the moon), it facilitates my reading and, if I’m too wound up, helps me slow down a bit and reflect on things. It also helps me exercise (a lot) and tends to make me introspective at times (in a helpful way).

      This is the way I see it: I use cannabis as needed (needed?), and I thank God for it. Like coffee, I consider it to be a helpful aid of sorts. (Caffeine is the one substance I’m addicted to, by the way. If I don’t have at least two cups on any given day, it’s migraine central.) It’s not something I use in order to get “messed up” (at all), but at the same time, I realize it can be quite powerful. Tolerance is an important factor to consider. Hence, if I go weeks, months, or years without any herb, I don’t take more than one inhalation when I finally have some.

    • BTW: I wish there was an “edit” button available. I don’t know if you’re a male Bobby or a female Bobby. I referred to you as a brother, so if you’re a sister, I’m sorry. 😉

      • I think there’s an edit button beside the date, beside your name.

        But yea, Bobby is a brother. He’s a solid street preacher too.

  • I think cannabis is alot like alcohol. Both can be used and abused.

    I’ve abused cannabis for quite some time. My life was lonely and unfulfilled and cannabis helped to forget these problems.

    When I met my wife, I was still smoking, but it was not that abusive anymore. It was around that time when I started searching for God. And smoking weed helped me a lot in connecting with God.

    So I think it’s all about the way one uses it. For myself I can say this: It helped me in becoming a Christian.

    • True Christians are to stay away from even the appearance of evil
      Smoking weed is call sorcery in the Bible. We are to walk a thin line in order to enter heaven. Weed will eventually knock you off that line.
      OK its legal in some states. But if you buy it legally in say DC then send me some in the mail to Georgia when caught we both go to jail.
      The Lord will continue to chastise you for it is a sin. Don’t lie to yourself people die everyday because of weed. Young boys idolize it. Felons sell weed then do all sorts of evil with the money.
      Too many kids get high rebel against their parents and even drop out of school just to get high. Ask yourself what part are you playing in it.
      True Christians quit straddling the fence. Choose ye this day. WILL YOU SERVE THE LORD OR WEED.

      • Can you truly say you are still sober after you smoke a ” Good One”.
        And all y’all know if it ain’t a “good one” then your not satisfied.
        So quit lying to yourself and me by saying its alright. It sin.

      • People die every day because of weed? I think you’ve lost all credibility with regard to this subject…

      • Well I must say that I don’t believe in superstition, sorcery or witchcraft. Neither to do I believe in alchemy or astrology. that’s spirits cause illness and demons pursue me. I also do not believe that the earth is flat, or that it is at the center of the universe.
        Any argument that uses witchcraft, sorcery or superstition to back up and anti herbal or Cannabis position is going to impress me much. I do, on the other hand support the concept free will, a personal belief in the nature of what keeps the universe alive and the need for moderation and respect for others and our planet during our brief time here on earth.

        • Due to editing errors here is my corrections:
          Well I must say that I don’t believe in superstition, sorcery or witchcraft. Neither to do I believe in alchemy or astrology or that spirits cause illness and demons pursue me. I also do not believe that the earth is flat, or that it is at the center of the universe.
          Any argument that uses witchcraft, sorcery or superstition to back up an anti-herbal or anti-Cannabis position is not going to impress me much. I do, on the other hand support the concept of free will, a personal belief in the nature of what keeps the universe alive and the need for moderation and respect for others and our planet during our brief time here on earth.

      • “Smoking weed is call sorcery in the Bible.”

        No it’s not, you liar. Repent.

  • What about cocaine, heroine, crystal meth, etc.? I know very little about any of these or marijuana. I would assume that even a little cocaine makes you “drunk”.

    Also, even if these drugs are sinful, the Bible doesn’t necessarily ban them. Would you endorse the legalization of these other drugs?


    • Legalization implies taxation, which is essentially theft. Decriminalization is a better option. An improper use of any given substance (e.g. cocaine, heroin, etc.) may be sinful, but it’s morally unacceptable to criminalize it.

  • People look for ways to justify their sin in any way just because they love their sinn. I used to do pot for a few years as well as alcohol and all i can they they are both sinful when used recreationally. Maybe for medical reasons, but recreational use is sinful . Why ? because the Bible teaches us to stay sober and vigilant. i know from a personal experience that being moderately drunk or stoned make you vulnerable to demonic attack as all kind of wrongs and sinful thoughts can enter your mind without you being able to resist as your mental function is impaired. Bible teaches that we should be clear headed mentally, not impaired . Alcohol and pot cloud and impair your judgement mind. The make you an easier target for demonic attacks . Would you smoke a joint if you knew you would have an appointment with Jesus in an hour ? Would you show up high ? What if you were smoking a joint and Jesus walked in? Would you feel comfortable or would you blush, feel guilty and tried to hide that joint feeling ashamed ? Jesus said we have to always live like Jesus is coming any hour and be sober minded and vigilant. Read about the parable about ten virgins and unfaithful servant. We shouldn’t try to get relaxed in ungodly ways. Pot is habit forming and is unnecessary waste of time and money. Even though its a plant doesn’t make it any less sin, since most drugs are derived from plants, and some can be consumed in pure plant form lake Salvia and Datura. Cannabis itself is not a drug, but THC that is in it is a drug. Stay away from it, serve God and look for his will in your like.

  • Also it is wrong to assume that if God said you can consume plants for food , He allowed cannabis consumption. What He meant , is that we are to consume plants that taste good and have nutrition value . Cannabis has no nutritional value, the only reason for consumption is getting high and goofy. I also noticed from personal experience that marijuana can make one feel horny and lustful which is not a good thing if you are trying to stay pure.Frequent smokers often say it makes them study better, and focus and do things better only because frequent use alters brain chemistry. You are always supposed to function the best when sober. Alcoholics and other addicts say exactly same thing , that their drug of choice makes them function better than sober, because their brain chemistry is altered.Once they quit, they become moody , unhappy and bored. I also applies to frequent smokers. But even infrequent use is sinful, because it the level of impairment and altered state of consciousness is far greater than with frequent smokers. Avoid it .

    • Nutritional value fair enough. Medicinal value however, well, look it up. You try telling an autistic person or a cancer patient cannabis is just for getting high and being goofy. Cannabis has been proven more beneficiary in many cases than all modern science has to offer in the final what would be without cannabis painfull days. I’m sure these people would say its more gods mercy than satans lust.

  • If its not necessary, God would not have created marijuana. Where I come from in africa, there’s a particular type of colanut called bitter cola. This nut acts as an anti-toxin, it repels snakes if you have it on your person and even if a snake bites you, it renders the poison ineffective. it even repels jinxes from witches and if you are poisoned spitually, it neutralizes it and this has nothing to do with faith because God will not condemn you for using or eating something which he created to help yourself or someone else unless its against their wish or unless it makes you do harm to yourself or others or instead of giving God thanks and praise for something he made you accredit the praise to the Devil. God who put these plants here put them here for reasons which the human mind has not been able to comprehend so far. Therefore, if anyone’s faith do not condemn them in using these things, you whose faith can’t carry you like that shouldn’t condemn the one whose faith can. Afterall the Bible condems wine in proverbs but paul told timothy to stop taking only water because of his stomache and Jesus turned water into wine. Now some say the wine from jesus wasn’t alcoholic but I beg to differ. Reason being that there’s a place in the Bible where Jesus was seen wining and dining with sinners and he was called a drunk. Moreover wine in the bible had always been wine. There was no mention of alcoholic nor non alcoholic wine. In the old testament, God commanded the other tribes to bring wine to His priests. Has anyone ever seen or heard of someone being called a drunk because they drank a bottle of cocacola or a bottle of fruit juice? Wine had always been alcoholic in the Bible and Just as wine makes some peoples heart merry, so does marijuana and just as some people can’t handle wine, so is it for some with marijuana. I tell you guys something , if it had been someone else who used his spit and sand to cure a blind man, a lot of christians would have cried “demonic” even in those days it was hard for the pharisees and saducees to understand The Son Of God but that didn’t stop others from believing in him. Therefore, Please study your bibles very well before you pass judgements on people. We are at liberty to use anything that God created but not selfishly. Blessings.

  • Thanks for your article. I just found out that my husband has been smoking pot for the last five years! Wowza. I know I must seem like the stupidest wife in the world but I had no clue. but what I do have is lots of moments of panic. Stereotypes that I didn’t even know I had are overwhelming me. He told me that marijuana helps his relationship with God be deeper than ever before. (Please note hysterical laughter by me) is this even possible? From other comments I am seeing that it might be true and not just an addicts attempts to justify? Having recently escaped a legalistic ultra conservative Christian upbringing I don’t want to take away anyone’s freedom in Christ if in fact it is a true God given freedom but I am just not sure yet. I’ve got to reconcile that we live in an illegal state, have 5 kids (do we tell them or no?)he has ongoing back pain, and a awesome ministry that I thought was due to a special anointing but wonder now if that anointing came by way of a joint and not the spirit! (More hysterics).

    • Wow! Rachel, my opinion is that you should allow him to keep benefitting from it. I can attest to the fact that cannabis can play a helpful role in a person’s life, even as a daily aid of sorts (like coffee). As far as its current illegality goes, I’m going to suggest that it shouldn’t be a problem if he is using it discreetly. Unjust/unbiblical/pagan law is the problem, *not* responsible cannabis use.

    • Steven Ledingham

      Again, many of these beliefs about recreational use of cannabis are based on myths. Current research shows that the majority of recreational cannabis users self regulate rather than smoke to excess. If you consider the development of tolerance to cannabis also, In my experience, the preference of those who may use recreational cannabis on the weekend, several times a month or during a holiday, users prefer less strong grades of cannabis.

    • It does bring you closer to God. God made it after all. You shouldn’t just your husband. You should, however, judge all the hypocrites at your church who imbibe on pharmaceuticals that are condemned in the book of Revelation as sorcery. Your husband is following the way of Yahweh; the “Christians” who condemn cannabis? Not so much…

  • And god said, behold, I have given you EVERY HERB bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and EVERY tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yealding seed; to you it shall be for meat. genesis – 1:29

  • The term one hitter quitter has a meaning. I smoked weed for 15yrs since coming to Christ. I drank the same….you didn’t touch on “causing people to stumble” or being high in the spirit. How we feel is irrelevant, its how we live through faith is what matters. Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of you mind! Don’t even dabble with these. It’s a rabbit hole.

  • Steven Ledingham

    I found this to be an excellent article. Cannabis has been shown to be the first crop cultivated by humans. It has a long history of use as an Enthrogenic (herb which helps spiritual growth and spiritual communion). Cannabis does not damage our bodies organs as does alcohol and tobacco, none does it encourage violence. Cannabis has powerful medical abilities including pain relief. For millions of people cannabis is the preferred recreational substance. Judging and locking people up for its use is the sin.

  • wow this article and its replys are good. Everytime i think its finally bad i see that it is good too. I smoke accasionally for my pain or just to calm down after a stressful day, or to go to sleep. but if i dont have to then i dont. but when i do i always set my mind apon the lord. i pray better and more clearer and can praise god too. but i still dont know if im weird like that or not. i see bad things at night when i pray that makes me forget that im praying, or try to deter me from it. and my mind wonders alot so i forget that im praying and when i get high i can focus better sometimes. and i always want to read my bible when im high cause i think better plus it gives me diffent prospectives on what the bible is trying to tell me. so im at a loss for words on the whole good or bad. everyone had great points that has made me think on the subject. but im always going a million mile per second in my head till i smoke and thats when i find time to sit down and really get into what god is trying to tell me. so im going 50 50 on this one. i understand both points but poblo and david really hit home with me dont be comformed to this world. and its and herb. and peace was good too. so much good evidence and im still wondering.

    • The first blessed oil that God told Moses to make was full of thc. It was for the priesthood only. Moses would go into the tent with the oil burning and talk with the Lord. But no one and I repeat no one was to touch it but the priest. The people knew the Lord was with Moses in the tent with him because they saw the smoke.
      Prophet Samuel anointed Saul and David with this oil and they because to prophecy when the oil touched their head.
      Any other use of the drug was always considered WITCHCRAFT.
      The devil knows the power of weed and drugs. Revelation says he will deceive the whole world in the last days with it.
      50/50 IS CALLED STRADDLING THE FENCE, LUKEWARM. DONT MAKE THE LORD SPIT YOU OUT. Weed IS AN SIN. And in your righteous mind you knows it.

  • i guess its a whatever works for you works. some things that work for some might not work for others. everyone works diffently. im full of questions,and thoughts about alot of things and ask my pastors over the years and they are for a loss of words. i beleave there are so many idols, that are in peoples lives and they never see them. pretty much anything you think of more than God is an idol to you or any thing you put before God is an idol. but when i smoke i see these things and i really concentrate on things im doing wrong and i feel really guilty and break down and cry out to GOD and really feel the guilt but when im sober i question things,and i know thats not good to question God but i always think way to much.

  • Former Stoner/Pothead Catholic now Responsible Christian Cannabis Herbolizer here- I think many Christians believe that we get high to escape the world to be honest being Catholic did more damage to me then pot abuse ever did I was racist,sexist,and didn’t have any relationship with God I knew of him because of the few times a year I went to church and my connection with Jesus was non existent.Months ago my life changed because I wqs teaching my sons the ten commandments so I started researching and little by little i learned more and more about God and Jesus, I would go outside and herbolize some Cannabis when my children were asleep and read my bible,bought a book of only Jesus verses from the bible,watch videos about God and Jesus im a huge history buff and i learned the history of the Catholic Church and other religions and decided to turn to only Jesus Christ as my teacher and Savior.Ive done research like if I worked for the CIA or FBI about everything in my faith but the whole time I’ve herbolized I’ve read online articles about how I’m committing a sin because im “drunk” of weed im sorry but weed when taken responsible doesn’t control you like alcohol or man made drugs. I have a friend who drives from Maryland to Pennsylvania every weekend and drives me around and he vaps one or two hits and almost 10 years no accidents and even drives safer (now I dont recommend anyone try it) but I just wanna use it as a example that Cannabis can be used and not abused. I am the father of three boys and I am more afraid of them getting into the Facebook and YouTube satanic culture you see everyday then them using Cannabis later in life because i can explain why I use it responsible.Some Christians demonize Bob Marley without knowing he converted

    I’m a proud follower of Jesus Christ and a creation of God my father I have three sons that I see my Savior in everyday Mark 9:37 Whosoever shall receive one of such children in my name, receiveth me: and whosoever shall receive me, receiveth not me, but him that sent me
    A husband of almost 5 years married to woman that hates the smell of Cannabis but she will be the first to tell you that because of it we have learned more about God and Jesus because of the research and bible study i do after i herbolize. God and Jesus bless you all

  • It does have The medicinal benefits I used it while fighting brain cancer it’s the only thing that made me feel normal after chemotherapy It definitely has medicinal property Like anything else it can be used in excess or abuse But it can also be used to do good has even helped children with seizures . I refuse to label it as evil

  • WoW! The article is one thing, but the comments? WoW! I guess being “100% Christian” and “an avid pot smoker” is okay… because you found someone after boat loads of searches who finally said it was okay. Hey 99% percent of my searches came up with it being sinful, but I’m going to go with this guy. Seriously? The gay community (uh oh, he’s going there) does the same thing. They find someone who has new revelation that the church has had it wrong all along and they find some “theologian scholar” who justifies their lifestyle. Come on man, if it’s new, it isn’t true. If it’s true, it isn’t new. What changed? Who cares that the bible says be sober minded, or being transformed with the renewing of the mind right? Big deal with being “a new creation.” Who cares that it teaches not to stumble others with our actions? Let’s just find someone who’ll agree with my way of Christianity. Basically, let’s not conform to God, let’s conform god to us. Enjoy your highs. They’ll eventually be your lows. Wake up.
    Sorry… scripture twisting and “new revelations” used to justify one’s choices just annoy me because, they lead others astray.

  • I’ve read this article back in 2015 and still come back to it because of the insightful and revealing truth it holds. I personally have discovered the “entheogenic” effects of Cannabis back in November 2015 during a time in my life where I reckoned myself to be “spiritually dead”. Life felt empty, I was going through a rough time in my life and I just wanted out. I went to church on a Sunday (on my birthday) responded to an altar-call to receive Christ (Again). Then, on the Friday of that week, I was at work by myself and I had just finished watching a video about end time prophecy when I decided to light up. I had begun listening to some worship music again in my life so I decided to play that instead of the usual secular music I usually play when I get lit. My experience at that moment would be a pivotal point in my Christian walk because what I felt after toking up was this unexplainable peace and joy. I suddenly felt like all the heaviness of spirit that I had been feeling was lifted of my shoulder kinda like Jesus removing the yolk of bondage off of me. It was like at that moment I suddenly had an understanding of who Jesus is and the love He has for me (and you). I then fell on my knees and began to weep uncontrollably I guess from a combination of the joy that I was feeling and probably because I was venting out my sorrows at the same time but I had never cried so hard in my life. I also felt a different spirit in me at that point. It was like a spirit of boldness. I suddenly felt like someone with purpose; that purpose was to share the good news of Jesus to the world. My experience that day led me to investigate why and how could I have had such an epiphany experience that lead me to solidify my Christian faith when it involved the use of Cannabis or Marijuana. It didn’t take me long to discover a video on YouTube that explained basically that Cannabis IS mentioned in the bible and not only is it mentioned in the bible, but it is identified as one of the ingredients used to make the Holy Anointing Oil, which would then imply that Cannabis was an integral component in early Hebrew religious practice. When I found that out, I said to myself, “That totally makes sense!” I believe cannabis can bring one into a higher state of awareness of The Creator if taken in faith and in good spirit, in other words, take it in expectation of receiving grace from God and use it for purposes of bearing fruit to the spirit and not to fulfill the lusts of the flesh (i.e. drunken debauchery, sexual immorality, witchcraft (summoning demons). There’s more to my story that I cannot fit into this comment but I am confident enough to say through my experience with herb that it is not a sin to smoke cannabis, on the other hand it can bring one into a closer relationship with Yeshua Ha Meshiach. Ever since that day I have incorporated cannabis into my daily worship and I have to say that my Christian walk had never been more envigorating and uplifting. Kudos to the author of this article!

  • Simply stated: Drunkenness is not just some silly notion, whether by the use of alcohol or substances. You don’t just throw up, or just do….. You can create havoc and rage, and hurt others because you choose to use substances to make you feel good, or better, or relaxed, whatever the “reason” is, many people harm others because of their selfish notion, they should be able to drink or smoke whatever they choose. And yes, the plant can make people sleepy, hungry, etc, but it can also make them lose their mind, tempers, and do things they shouldn’t be doing to other human beings.

  • Aaaah I see that this post is quite old but i’m glad i got to read it. It might be the best read i’ve come across so far. I totally agree with you on that many christians simply follow the majority’s views and opinions. Society in general is lost. I’m an ardent stoner and reading your post reflects thoughts that i’ve always had in my mind as well as answering questions that i hadn’t gotten an answer to. Thanks for your insightful post.

  • Technically, if you want to make the argument of “do as Jesus did”, and he didn’t smoke pot so don’t smoke, then technically you should get off the internet. He was a poor person from jerusalem. Even today he wouldn’t have access to a computer. Start living like Jesus and walk around In sandal and a robe all day in the winter 😉

  • Interesting article. I gotta say as someone who used to really enjoy marijuana and even felt closer to God while using it, i cannot ignore what God’s Word says about pharmekia or sorcery. Now ive definitely looked for every reason and argument to justify my use of it. In the end, i felt that the Holy Spirit was leading me away from it. JESUS + nothing else. The Word of God is clear. I dont like everything it commands of me. But i think that is very much a great part of following Christ. Denying yourself. Crucifying the flesh. I strongly urge you to pray on this. Pray over the Word of God.
    “There is a way that seems right to a man but the end is destruction”
    Satan is not obvious but he is subtle. Gods Word says he can have the appearance of an angel of light.
    “Many will say to me on that day ‘Lord, Lord did we not do these signs and wonders in your name, and prophesy in your name, and in your name cast out devils?’ And i will say to them ‘Depart from me you who practice lawlessness, i never knew you”
    There are many people in the comments who really like this article. But on that final day, i dont want to be standing with the majority.
    God bless my brothers and sisters.

    • Sounds like you need to stop eating, drinking, sleeping, etc. because Jesus + nothing else, right?

      By the way, cannabis isn’t sorcery. But those pharmaceuticals that you and probably everyone at your church takes? Those are sorcery. Learn the truth and repent before it’s too late.

  • I never seen one, not one person say they prayed to Jesus to take away their pain.. Or, did anyone say, I prayed and fasted to seek Gods counsel about using marijuana! Of all the comments, Marijuana is used MORE THEN JESUS! See how satan works! And how many of you say your Christians? “Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’ Matthew 7:
    Did and does not Jesus say He is the way, the truth, the LIFE!? God will accept no excuses! Does your decision honor God? Where is Jesus in what you do? Satan is all over this page! Think about it!

    • You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. GOD MADE CANNABIS and said it was good in Genesis 1:29. Are you defying God? And do you dare to judge His people who choose to use His plant instead of evil pharmaceutical sorcery like most of the people at your church? REPENT, because it is YOU who is in error, not those who RIGHTLY declare cannabis to be a good and useful plant, which it is.

  • Sorry, but as a former International Drug Trafficker, Grower, Addict & Sober Born Again Christian… I strongly believe & know from experience that whether it be Coke, Crack, LSD, Meth, Mushrooms, Pot or even Alcohol – they all contribute to the altering of the mind and judgment.

    Don’t be fooled by the enemy… since the beginning he has been tricking humans to sin by sharing half truths… which is the case with particular bias and written work.

    Please don’t excuse sin. The Bible is very clear on the subject, and also about those who mislead others into embracing it!

  • Ken, caffeine alters the mind. The way one feel before drinking coffee is the way they feel after they drink it. If it is, why not just drink decaf?

    I grow my own cannabis and I enjoy it thoroughly. Among other things, it facilitates my workouts. (I don’t understand the lazy stoner stereotypes.) I enjoy th stuff, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I thank the Trinity for it.

  • Nathan Bernhardt

    “The spirit of the the law gives life, it is the letter of the law which kills”. One needs to let The Spirit convict or condone whatever one does. Scripture addresses intoxication (drunkenness)- and tells of keeping a sober mind. Cannabis is left to the discernment of the user. Feasting is acceptable, gluttony is not. Alcohol is acceptable-intoxication is not. If one is drawn to Scripture, prayer and worship after injesting weed, for that person, it is acceptable. That is why our walk with God is between Him and me, and our accountability to brothers and sisters. What is the fruit something produces? “Wisdom is known by her children”. If it is from God, it will produce His fruit.

  • Using marijuana puts the brain in a passive state, opening up oneself to the demonic realm. This is the real Danger. This is why Paul our Apostle warns against it: pharmakia

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  • One day we all will stand before God and will be judged. If you feel that God will smoke a joint with you then you have your answer. If you think God would not smoke a joint with you then you have your answer. If you don’t know if God would smoke with you then you better caution on the side of error and say He wouldn’t, because if you are wrong, then you will not inherit the kingdom of Heaven. Do the crime and do the time. If you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime.

  • I read through every one of these comments! Wow! A lot to take in. Coming from the perspective of someone who intermittently smoked marijuana and found its effects of even one hit of What i am sure was dirt poor cheapie weed with nothing for avid pot smokers to write home about, still resulted in being high every time. For those of you who say it doesn’t get you high anymore because you’ve built a tolerance, you are just admitting that you reached your level of tolerance through sinning for a period of time to be able to desensitize your body to now justify a “biblically responsible” use of a mind altering drug comparable to alcohol. Because now, it only alters it a little to no longer be defined as ‘high’? Can no one see how twisted this sounds? Unless you want to talk about those who through their practices have had their consciences seared when God gave them over their lusts and sinful desires.
    Also, Almost every person pro marijuana use here says that its ok because it’s purpose is a “help” with anxiety, relaxation from life’s worries and hectic pace in some form or another. What about when Jesus said, “be anxious for nothing, but trust in the lord for everything? Are we not supposed to cast all our cares upon him and look to the true giver of peace to relieve us of our frustrations and worries at the end of the day? How is it that a substance is even considered to be a useful replacement for the work and power of The Holy Spirit in the body of the believer. This goes for any substance. Look to the Lord for your peace. Saturate yourselves in His word and let Him wash you in the cleansing waters of the Word, continually renewing your minds and restoring you day by day. Jesus Christ is sufficient. I pray your faith be increased in accordance with his word!
    I will also mention that I grew up with a father who smoked consistently, a brother who followed in his footsteps, and nieces and nephews that carry on the legacy. They all started with pot and then went on to harder drugs! So for all those that refute the whole gateway drug thing….just sayin. The characteristic that I can describe in defining how their use has affected those around them can be summed up in a few words. Pain and needless selfishness.
    I say all this not to say that I am completely against any use at all
    of marijuana.
    CBD oil with no THC (no high) is A viable use of marijuana, and the only one that should be considered for legal measures For medical cases like epilepsy, MS, cancer, and such like them. It is the only way that could honestly fit within the parameters of scriptural admissibility. But since we humankind being sinners, are self seeking and lovers of pleasure, and the fact that it is already recreationally legal in many states now, the likelihood of this being regulated in such a way I would say is next to impossible at this point.
    Since there is so much division in this subject of being high, i think the only biblical option left is to not engage in personal marijuana use, growth, and distribution altogether, regardless of whether you have liberty in the Lord to in your mind or not, as not to break Gods command to not stumble your brother in anyway.
    For we are to love the lord our God with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength, and love our brother as ourselves. We are not our own. But slaves for Christ Jesus. Let us lay down anything for the sake of love. Christ laid down all his rights that we might live.

  • Hi All, I just want to ask if anyone ever tried using medical cannabis as an alternative meds? I have read many articles about medical marijuana and how it can help you in terms of chronic pain, bone injuries, eating disorder/anorexia, anxiety disorders and panic attacks, inflammation, even cancer and a lot more. Like this article about a marijuana strain from: . Cbd and thc are also new to me and I don’t even smoke. If this is true I cant find any solid conclusive evidence that speaks to its efficacy. Any personal experience or testimonial would be highly appreciated. Thanks

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