Israel: The Mass of Dispensationalism

With the latest news of Palestinian attacks on Tel Aviv, the second most populated city in Israel, much support is being demanded by evangelical Christians. I feel compassion for those who are losing loved ones and Israel who is at constant war with it’s neighbors, however I do not feel more compassion for Israel than I do South Africa. There is absolutely no significance of Israel’s battles than there is with South Africa’s racist acts of violence.

I do however feel more compassion towards evangelicals that become poor to support Israel, or are willing to publicly rebuke anyone who does not deny themselves, pick up their cross, and follow Israel.

There is much to be said concerning Israel and how her worship originated within Christian circles, but this phenomena can be summed up by pointing to a historically bankrupt, and Biblically inconsistent view of Matthew 24 and eschatology.

I’ve pondered much on how to briefly explain this inconsistency, while simultaneously articulating it in such a way that the most immature Christian could understand. I’ve come to the conclusion that much of the “difficulty” is a refusal to submit to Scripture and to perpetuate a tradition of men, typically in fear of family conflicts, dismissal from church office or even fear of a loss of monetary donations. Perhaps there are some who haven’t studied this subject and have simply put it to the side for later research, and for those, this article is even more so for you.

There are many different forms of justification that ensue support for national Israel today. As was stated, it roots from a belief that God deals with national Israel, those of the flesh, differently than the church, mainly composed of Gentiles. There is no clear passage from Scripture that states one should support national Israel anymore than another nation, however it is by deduction that if Israel is significant in an eschatological history, then one should cling to the murderers of Christ.

However, whether Israel is of significance to God or not, the demand that the United States military should intervene is ludicrous, considering many different factors. For one, we do not have money to support another war, being that we’re already pouring a significant amount of the federal budget into unjust wars and domestic occupations in the Middle East. More importantly, to support Israel would simply necessitate that we raise our debt ceiling and go more into debt, a major sin, considering that the US has not been a good steward with the tax money they stole thus far.

Secondly, there is nothing to gain from supporting Israel except more enemies, which we know we will inherit.

Finally, and most obviously, why force feed Israel aid when they openly declare, “We don’t need your help”, as Benjamin Netanyahu has made this crystal clear to the United States. This is very old news. Americans are so keen on electing a President that will end wars and bring our troops home, but pro-Israel Christians perpetuate war. Christians who believe we should send troops to Israel maintain a state of warfare because the war is Israel against the Middle East. We as Christians, and as Americans, must recognize that supporting Israel is an unwise and immoral decision to make.

Jesus said that the kingdom of God was being taken away from Israel and given to another (Matthew 21:43). Israel was temporarily cut off from the tree, they are not the tree itself (Romans 11:24). The tree is God and His covenant made with man, and the grafting Israel back in does not mean God has some special love to a people who crucified His Son. God hates sinners and judges them; He see’s no man as Jew or Gentile anymore, since Christ cleanses both (Psalm 5, Romans 10:12).

The only significant characteristic of Israel is that she has been cursed by God for her unbelief and crucifying of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. There is a remnant that will be saved, but there is also a remnant of Americans that will be saved. Israel is not a godly nation, nor is it of any importance. If it is God’s will that Israel be crushed by Muslims, then let it be done.

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