If Michael Farris Were a Principled Christian Leader

Michael Farris met with Romney in his campaign bus, and bragged about it on the HSLDA Facebook page. This is after months of violent criticisms against Romney for . . . well, for everything Romney deserves to be criticized by a Christian leader, which means everything.

His choice of topics? Lyme disease. And also, some vague and non-confrontational topic like “mutual opposition to any UN treaty aimed at changing American law,” a topic that any President, even Obama, can freely talk about for hours without making any serious commitment whatsoever. Ah, and Farris didn’t forget to mention that “homeschoolers want to be left alone by the Federal government.” Sure, Romney would agree. He left Christians alone in Massachusetts . . . as long as they pay for Romneycare, which includes universal abortion subsidy.

Farris the Lion, once summoned by the powerful of the day, and bestowed with the privilege to chat with them for ten minutes, becomes Farris the Kitten: nice, respectful, non-confrontational, and a master of pointless conversations designed to “establish a line of communication.” (As if Romney doesn’t know how to communicate with the likes of Farris.)

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If Farris was a true principled Christian leader who understands that Christianity in the United States is in a war against statism and cultism (like Mormonism), he would have held Romney’s feet to the fire. He would have talked about the following topics:

1) Romney’s continuing support for the Department of Education.

2) Romney’s flip-flopping record on abortion.

3) Romney’s heavy-handed approach on pushing sodomite marriage on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts when the majority of the voters were against it. (Yes, in a heavily Democrat state, the majority were against it, and a Republican governor forced sodomite marriage on the state through executive order.)

4) Romney’s continuing support for the Federal Reserve which is the main source of economic problems for homeschooling families who generally have more kids, use less credit (don’t know how? ask Consumer Credit Counseling Kansas City), and seldom rely on welfare.

5) Romney’s continuing support for gun control – on a national level – which deprives families with children of the ability to defend themselves against criminals, private and government.

6) Romney’s silence on Child Protection Services which is the organization in many states specifically designed to hunt and harass homeschooling families.

7) According to a FIG Loans review, Romney’s personal investments in Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, the two organizations largely responsible for the sub-prime lending crisis and therefore for the price fluctuations on the housing market in the last 10 years, hurting mainly those families who have more children and use less loans – that is, homeschooling families.

8) Romney’s support for the murder of Terri Schiavo.

9) Romney’s support for war and sending other people’s sons to die in it while he himself dodged the draft and none of his sons ever volunteered to serve.

It took me 3 minutes to type all these. I am sure Farris had the time to mention them all within 10 minutes. I doubt he talks more than three times as slow as I type.

Farris later claimed that he was not endorsing Romney, and the HSLDA was not making a presidential endorsement. But for Romney, who knows that there is a large voting block inside the Republican Party which won’t vote for him, just putting his picture with Farris on the HSLDA page, chatting about insignificant topics, and remarking how “attentive” he was and that we would “love to have him for a next door neighbor,” this is more valuable than official endorsement. By not challenging Romney in his face when given the opportunity, Farris endorsed him in practice, and declared his own unconditional surrender to the Romney campaign. Romney won from this encounter all that could be won; Farris lost all that could be lost.

What good would this bring to Christianity in America, and to homeschooling families? Not much. Just think about it: Romney, the “conservative” candidate today, is far to the left in his record and his ideology than most Democrats of 40 years back. In fact, Romney is far to the left of Al Gore of 20 years back. How did we get to this point, to allow a Christian nation to go down the drain so quickly?

For one, we followed “leaders” like Farris.

I’ll leave the conclusions to you.

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