GOP, You Have Only Yourself to Blame

(This is from my friend Daniel Morrow. It was too good not to publish it here.)

The GOP still thinks of Ron Paul supporters as Republicans who are just experimenting while off at college but who will come around in time for the election. They think of Liberty voters as part of their voter base, as a shade of red. They need to get it through their heads that we do not belong to them anymore and that is entirely their fault. They need to grasp the fact that this election isn’t our fault but their fault.

Yes, Romney may very well lose primarily because of the alienated liberty vote, but blaming the liberty contingent is a lot like blaming a victim for finally standing up to a criminal or an abused wife for finally turning in her husband: all the blame actually rests with the criminal, with the abuser.

GOP, we are not a shade of red, and you have only yourself to blame. It is laughable that after decades of abusive behavior you can still think of yourself as the victim here.

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