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No, Russia Is Not Preparing for War. She Simply Can’t


Enough already. Quit repeating this war-mongering neocon nonsense. Quit fretting about it. The rising panic about Putin’s supposed preparation for war is just another scare, no different from Ebola, the flu epidemic, or the imaginary terrorist training camps on American territory. (The only real terrorist training camps in the US are the police academies.) All these scares serve the attempts […]

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Dear Soldiers, Don’t Listen to Warmongers


Neo-conservative warmongers like Allen West, or John McCain, or National Review’s David French must be quite desperate for attention these days, trying to grasp at everything in their sight to support their blood-thirsty, mindless rants. When we have an unusual event like the capture of US Navy Servicemen whose boats drifted into Iranian territorial waters, the pitch would naturally be […]

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Of Krauts and Kings. And of Kurds


“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax— and cabbages—and kings—. . .”   I won’t parrot the ecstatic gushes of the “conservative” media and declare King Abdullah “twice the man Obama is.” No, not because His Hashemite Majesty is not a real man, but because I know from mathematics that multiplying […]

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A Scare a Week Keeps the Populace Meek

be afraid small

First there were the nine thousand Central American children who were being smuggled through the border. Nine thousand, enough to make the American economy collapse. Then they were fifteen thousand, or may be forty thousand. Then they were not children but grown up teenagers, all tattooed members of Mexican gangs. Then they were 100,000 Mexican gang members being shipped into […]

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How Do You Support the Troops?

Liberal logic. We all know what that means. It’s the logic of those who protest against big corporations and then watch CNN, buy electronic gadgets from Apple, computers from HP, software from Microsoft, cars from Toyota and Honda and BMW bought with Complete Auto Loans – learn more, gasoline from BP and Shell, etc., etc. It’s the logic of those […]

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