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A Response to J.D. Hall

A few months ago, a debate intensified between two groups of well-respected Christian leaders, in which members of the International Coalition of Abolitionist Societies and members of Apologia Church, Polemics Report, Cross Encounters Ministries, Bible-Thumping Wingnut, and Crown Rights Media began disputing over an event known as the Church Repent Project. For those who do not know what this is, […]

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Will Evil Perish?


Many individuals have their own idea and opinions about what good and evil are. Some individuals even have varying degrees of good and evil. For some, adultery is not that evil if it were done in revenge and physical assault is justified if one were being slandered. To state that evil is “the opposite of good” is insufficient and just silly; […]

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Why Sodomy Does Hurt Others


“If it doesn’t hurt anyone else, then it’s ok.”, is the common phrase used to defend practices such as sodomy (homosexuality), drunkenness, and sexual promiscuity. It may be true that there is typically no immediate consequences to such sins, however Paul describes the consequences of sin as wages, something that is earned later down the road. “For the wages of […]

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Modern Boston Massacre

The Boston Marathon, held on Patriot’s Day, was concluded with the explosion of two devices, leaving many wounded and a few killed. This event will be the start of something commonplace in American society as states, cities, and the nation moves towards a humanistic, progressive, socialist, anti-God civil government and culture. The event is sad, no matter how theological we […]

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For the Record

As a Christian that has come out of nominalism, legalism,  Arminianism, mild anti-nomianism, premillennialism, and an anti-theonomic system, I can see the errors I have made, and how I wrongly treated those that disagreed with me. I see the same thing being done against those of us who would hold to post-millennialism, partial preterism, or theonomy. Hardly are we ever […]

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A Debate on Baptism: Part 2

At this point I will present my first question to Mr. Ohlman. You may find Mr. Ohlman’s first question, my introduction and response here. The main concern I have with the creedo-baptist perspective is, what I believe, an arbitrary standard in regards to continuity, specifically with Mr. Ohlman. Mr. Ohlman is a theonomist, so he affirms God’s law as being […]

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A Debate on Baptism: Part 1

Vaughn Ohlman has asked that I debate him over the issue of baptism. This will be my introduction and my first response. You may find his introduction and first question here. Intro Over the past year God has been working in my heart, teaching me and instructing me by means of literature and listening to much wiser men. From my beginning […]

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