The Disobedient Retreat of the Church

We have all heard Paul’s words in Romans 13 concerning submission to governing authorities, but when does submission become sinful? Most Christians will go to direct commands given in the New testament of how the Christian should behave, but for some reason when government becomes the issue, those direct commands become reinterpreted to fit their own arbitrary circumstances. Sounds like […]

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Don’t Worry About Obama’s Nationalization Rhetoric, Worry About Republican Betrayal

When Gary DeMar published his article defending voting for the Mormon Romney, “Some Think Another Obama Term Would Be Good for America,” I was quite disappointed. It was obvious that he misrepresented his “conservative/libertarian/anti-establishment” opponents. None of us has ever said that “another Obama term would be good for America.” The issue has always been comparing Romney and Obama, not […]

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Romney Flip-Flops on Healthcare, Reveals His Socialist Beliefs

Mitt Romney is a conservative, right? And as a conservative, what exactly would you expect him to want to learn from our ally, Israel, and apply it in the US. You would think, for example, airport security. The El Al airport security is low-cost and highly effective; the airline, which has been a target of Muslim terrorists for decades now, […]

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