It’s Time for Secular Libertarians to See the Truth About Sodomy

I am still waiting for that secular libertarian who would be able to give me a consistent, logical answer to this question: Why should we tolerate sodomy anymore than we tolerate murder, or child-molesting, or rape? Of any of the popular philosophies among the secular libertarians, there still isn’t one that would explain consistently, on the basis of its own […]

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Pragmatism: The New Dualism

Conservatism is a political philosophy which professes to be practical and grounded in reality – not ideological or utopian dream worlds – yet it cannot furnish a coherent answer to a very practical question: What is the proper punishment for a thief? John W. Robbins,”The Trouble with Conservatives,” Journal of Christian Reconstruction, Vol. V, No. 1, Summer 1978 Earlier this […]

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Is James Jordan Now Advocating the Radical Two Kingdoms Theology?

If there is nothing else you learn from R.J. Rushdoony’s unique book, The Foundations of Social Order, one thing must remain: A man’s creed determines his whole worldview, including his political positions and how he votes. And therefore, conversely, that how a person votes, and the political position he uses to justify his vote, reveal his true faith. This applies […]

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