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Douglas Wilson: Tossing the Victims Under the Bus, “Biblically”


I couldn’t predict this would happen some day, but there it is: I sincerely wish Douglas Wilson had plagiarized more than he already has. Specifically, I wish he had plagiarized my article on “Brown, Garner, and the Application of Biblical Law to Homicide and Murder.” Without quotes. Without mentioning my name. Just like usual. I wouldn’t object. I wouldn’t even […]

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HSLDA in the Business of Fixing Broken Windows


My thesis in this article is simple: When it comes to analyzing Ted Cruz’s proposal for Federal policies that would supposedly “eliminate the discrimination against homeschoolers,” HSLDA is the most unreliable authority to speak on the issue, and therefore the worst place to turn to for a professional, unbiased opinion. I agree with Joel McDurmon that Cruz’s legislation proposal is […]

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Quoting the Immigration Law of 1952 Is a Bad Idea for Conservatives


The new low of conservative schizophrenia, of course, was using Jimmy Carter’s immoral executive actions against Iranians in the US as an excuse and even legitimization of Trump’s statement that we need a ban on all Muslim travel to the US. Yes, seriously, Jimmy Carter. Yes, the same person whom conservatives just until yesterday brought up as the worst president […]

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Political Opportunism Doesn’t Fight Tyranny, It Perpetuates It


I’m sorry I need to burst this bubble, but the Republican governors’ “rebellion” against Obama’s refugee resettlement plan is not an application of the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate. Yes, I know, the temptation to ascribe such noble motives to them, and to see the seeds of righteous resistance against tyranny in our country growing steadily is great. The Doctrine […]

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