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A Response to J.D. Hall

A few months ago, a debate intensified between two groups of well-respected Christian leaders, in which members of the International Coalition of Abolitionist Societies and members of Apologia Church, Polemics Report, Cross Encounters Ministries, Bible-Thumping Wingnut, and Crown Rights Media began disputing over an event known as the Church Repent Project. For those who do not know what this is, […]

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It’s Time to Start Teaching Our Kids Disrespect To “Authority”


God certainly has a sense of humor. Or, rather, irony. Or, even more precise, devastating sarcasm for those who eagerly devote themselves to serve idols. That’s what He did with the Old Testament Israel. “You think worshipping idols is better than worshipping Me? Alrighty, then, I’ll put you under the political and economic power of these idols to see how […]

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Preachers, Obama, and the Crusades: The Pot Calling the Kettle Black


The conservative public indignation about Obama’s statement of the Crusades, and the consequent public criticism from many preachers – including Franklin Graham – reminded me of two old jokes, from the times of Communism in Eastern Europe. The first joke was so well-known, that even Ronald Reagan told it several times: An American explains to a Russian how America has […]

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The GOP in the Senate: Why There’s No Difference

As of November 2014, reports of the GOP having majority in the Senate are everywhere. From your lowly blogs, to the mainstream news, Conservatives are celebrating a step away from tyrannical government and Obama’s liberal agenda. At least that’s what I would have said a few years ago. After my involvement in Georgia Republican Party politics and Deutsche Bank Credit […]

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