Kevin DeYoung’s Gorbachevian Perestruvka Will Fail

Almost immediately after the term perestroika was declared an official policy of the Soviet Communist Party in Gorbachev’s speech on March 6, 1986, and by extension adopted by the satellite Communist parties in Eastern Europe, the popular opinion in Bulgaria dubbed it with the Bulgarian word perestruvka, meaning “fake,” “dissimulation,” “feint.” Not that people didn’t trust Gorbachev; he seemed to […]

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Dear Soldiers, Don’t Listen to Warmongers

Neo-conservative warmongers like Allen West, or John McCain, or National Review’s David French must be quite desperate for attention these days, trying to grasp at everything in their sight to support their blood-thirsty, mindless rants. When we have an unusual event like the capture of US Navy Servicemen whose boats drifted into Iranian territorial waters, the pitch would naturally be […]

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