Houston Mayor Demands that Pastors Live Up to Their Own Theology

If Christian media were honest, this would be the headline they would use for the conflict between the Mayor of Houston Annise Parker, and the Houston pastors. I am not surprised by Parker’s actions. She is a moral pervert, after all, an open rebel against God, and we should expect her to be consistent with her perversion in all, including […]

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A Scare a Week Keeps the Populace Meek

First there were the nine thousand Central American children who were being smuggled through the border. Nine thousand, enough to make the American economy collapse. Then they were fifteen thousand, or may be forty thousand. Then they were not children but grown up teenagers, all tattooed members of Mexican gangs. Then they were 100,000 Mexican gang members being shipped into […]

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The Winner of the Cyprus Debacle

The President of Cyprus capitulated before the European Union. Friday it was decided that the government would use the banks to confiscate 10% of every single bank account, individual and corporate, in every bank in Cyprus. The eurocrats won against the savers. Today, the Parliament of Cyprus annulled the President’s decree. No money will be confiscated. The eurocrats can go […]

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