No, Russia Is Not Preparing for War. She Simply Can’t

Enough already. Quit repeating this war-mongering neocon nonsense. Quit fretting about it. The rising panic about Putin’s supposed preparation for war is just another scare, no different from Ebola, the flu epidemic, or the imaginary terrorist training camps on American territory. (The only real terrorist training camps in the US are the police academies.) All these scares serve the attempts […]

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Kevin DeYoung’s Gorbachevian Perestruvka Will Fail

Almost immediately after the term perestroika was declared an official policy of the Soviet Communist Party in Gorbachev’s speech on March 6, 1986, and by extension adopted by the satellite Communist parties in Eastern Europe, the popular opinion in Bulgaria dubbed it with the Bulgarian word perestruvka, meaning “fake,” “dissimulation,” “feint.” Not that people didn’t trust Gorbachev; he seemed to […]

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Douglas Wilson: Tossing the Victims Under the Bus, “Biblically”

I couldn’t predict this would happen some day, but there it is: I sincerely wish Douglas Wilson had plagiarized more than he already has. Specifically, I wish he had plagiarized my article on “Brown, Garner, and the Application of Biblical Law to Homicide and Murder.” Without quotes. Without mentioning my name. Just like usual. I wouldn’t object. I wouldn’t even […]

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